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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be My Frugal Valentine

My husband and I have always been cautious of our finances and how we spend the money God has blessed us with.  Even when we were both single, we were frugal when it came to spending.  That’s actually a quality that we both find really attractive in one another.  I wouldn’t say we are cheap, because we thoroughly enjoy the fine things of life.  However, we only enjoy those fine things when we know we can afford them.  Since we recently purchased a new home, we have been dealing with all of the added expenses that come with it.  This Valentine’s Day we decided to maintain a strict budget while still making the weekend special.  One way we saved money was with discounted dining, a.k.a. using saved up gift cards.  
Don’t you just love gift cards?  They are such a blessing.  My husband often gets gift certificates throughout the year from his work.    Like many of you, we also get gift cards from family and friends on special occasions.  We even cash in our reward points from credit card purchases (which we only use for essential needs and then pay off at the end of each month if at all possible) for gift cards to stores or restaurants we enjoy.   This Valentines Day, we had a $50 gift certificate to Mo’s Steakhouse.  We’ve had that gift certificate for months now, but we were waiting for a special occasion to use it.  We used the gift certificate for a pre-Valentine dinner, and we had a delightful time out on the town Friday night.  Even though the gift card only took care of a portion the bill, it was still a big blessing to us. 
Now you may not have a stash of gift cards waiting to be used for special occasions, but did you know you can buy gift cards from certain websites to some of your favorite restaurants at a discounted price?  One that I have found useful is  You can get up to $15 off of a $50 gift card for some of the restaurants.  What a deal!  Now that’s better than coupons people!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful (and thrifty) Valentine's!! :-)