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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Latest Great Buy

Check out my latest great buy!  I am definitely a girly girl who loves all accessories ~ shoes, purses, coats, scarves, and jewelry ~ but I love it even more when I only have to pay $6.49 to accessorize!  That’s right; I paid less than $7 for this purse on clearance at my local Target store.  I just couldn’t pass it up!  I love the color, and it has several compartments giving it lots of space for all of my stuff.  Now it’s no Coach bag, but it’s cute and trendy and most importantly ~ a great buy!  Target has wonderful clearances.  This time I found a fantastic purse, but I usually find cute shoes on their clearance racks.  In the past, I have purchased some adorable flats from my local store, and I usually pay anywhere from three to seven dollars a pair.  Below are some flats that I have purchased for a fabulous find of about $5.  I have gotten plenty of use out my fabuous finds, as some of the pictures show.  I wear flats almost everyday, so I've gotten my money's worth.  Have you shopped clearance lately?  You may have to wait a little while before the item you want goes on clearance, but it can definitely be worth the wait!

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