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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

What a busy, busy week I’ve had!  It’s been a little bit crazy for me this week, and I’ve just been too busy to blog!  It seems like every spare minute I had was spent at the library.  I was trying to finish up some last minute details on my classes before my semester ended.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on my masters since January of 2010.  This semester flew by, and it didn’t help that I was soooo very distracted with moving into a new home.  I honestly can not study or focus at home; I have to go to the library or a place like Starbucks to study.  I’ve tried, oh I’ve tried to study at home, but I am constantly distracted with the numerous projects that need to be completed in the house.  My goal is to graduate next May.  That’s a very manageable goal, but I definitely need to focus more on my school work in the next few months.
In the midst of trying to finish this semester’s school work, my church was having its annual mission’s conference.  The conference was Wednesday through Friday.  I really enjoyed the mission’s conference, but it did make for a busier week than normal.  As soon as Matt and I got off work we went straight to the conference, and we didn’t get home and settled in for the evening until after each night.  That meant I had some late nights with my text books.  The late nights were followed with mornings when I couldn’t help but hit the snooze button more times than I should have.  Oh well, it’s my own fault for procrastinating on my school work.  Some things never change ~ no matter how old I get:)
Even though it was a busy week, it was a beautiful week!  The leaves started budding on the trees!  Oh how I love the signs of spring!  The beautiful spring weather didn’t stay around for the weekend.  It’s too cold and rainy to enjoy the outdoors today, but there’s always next week.  I’m hoping for another warm up, so I can enjoy the outdoors instead of looking at its beauty from the inside of a library window.  Regardless of the ever changing weather, this week should be less stressful, because I will be less busy ~ and that makes me a very happy blogger. J

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