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Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Grillin' Time ~ Rain or Shine

           We had planned to break out the grill last Sunday, but when a steady rainfall consumed last Sunday's forecast, I couldn't convince Matt to start the grilling season.  Although last weekend was a no-go for the grill, I had high hopes of  a grilled meal for today's Sunday dinner.  The forecast said that there were going to be scattered showers today.  I wasn't convinced of that forecast after being put in such a great mood before morning church service due to such a beautiful sunshiny morning.  This morning I woke to the feeling of a fresh breeze blowing in the window, the sound of birds chirping and the warmth of the sun shining brightly in the bedroom.  Yep, in my mind it was going to be a perfect grilling matter what the weather man said. You can imagine my dismay when I looked out the window at the end of the church service and saw grey clouds rolling in over the horizon.   At that point, Matt didn't want to grill, but I reminded him that the weatherman said scattered showers and convinced him that the thunder would soon pass......

.......and so it did.  Once the shower passed, it was grillin' time :)
Unfortunately, the grey sky returned just as we were starting to grill.......

Matt was able to get the corn on the grill, but all the while the sky was getting darker.......

By this point the thunder was rolling, but we thought we were going to be able to finish up the burgers before the downpour arrived....

....or baby ended up grillin' in the rain :(

I'd say, he thought it was worth it :)  There's nothing like grillin' out for the first time of the summer season. 

Grilled Turkey Burgers with all the fixin's, Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw and Baked Beans is a great Sunday dinner ~ rain or shine ;)


  1. Looks great! Rain or shine BBQ is always good. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party. Welcome to blogging. Please add my link or button to your post.

  2. that looks pretty yummy,, I'm a newbie too,, its nice to meet you!I'm yournewest follower!

  3. Personally speaking, bbq's are best when it's raining :) It looks like the grilling in the rain was well worth it. I'm a newbie blogger and also a new follower of yours

  4. Hi, looks like fun. I love to grill shish kabobs this time of the year.
    Happy grilling. Hope you check out my blog soon. It's about a fireplace makeover.