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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Matt's Honey-Do-List

My husband was awesome this weekend, because he went out of his way to make me happy by tackling the hefty sized honey-do-list that I made for him.  His Saturday morning started out with a paint brush and a bucket of paint as he took on the task of painting the dining room.  Yes, rather than enjoying the beautiful day together picnicking at the park or grilling out in the back yard, we chose to paint.  Well…I really shouldn’t say we.  You see, I chose to paint….but I had to work….so Matt ended up painting.  Matt actually HATES to paint and vowed to never do it again after painting his starter home.   He seriously wanted to fork out a couple thousand dollars to hire someone to do all the painting in our new house, but I convinced him otherwise.  The fact that he even considered paying someone says a lot about how much he hates to paint, since he is “tighter” than I am when it comes to spending money. 

After painting, Matt mowed down the jungle that has been growing in our backyard.   We, by far, had the tallest grass on the block before he mowed.  People were probably starting to wonder if our house was still vacant and foreclosed by the looks of our yard.  It doesn't help that we have a major dandelion problem that we have yet to address.  We definitely need to get some landscaping done, but most of our budget is going to the interior of the home this year.  I’m tempted to hang out at Lowe’s in hopes that HGTV will send Yard Crashers to Noblesville, just so I can be asked if I want a new and improved and most importantly FREE back yard.  I’m sure that’s not gonna happen, but wouldn’t it be great if it did!
our jungle of a yard

the jungle mowed down

The last the thing on Matt’s honey-do-list was assembling the sectional that was delivered Saturday morning.  We ordered a sectional from Overstock and had it delivered on the first Saturday one of us had off work.  Overstock informed us that the deliverers would assemble the sectional once it arrived, but to our dismay the deliverers politely told us that assembling the sectional was not part of their job description.  If you know my husband, you would know that his hatred for assembling things is nearly as great as his hatred for painting.  He has assembled numerous things since we’ve been married, and he always gets the job done….it just always takes him a little longer than the directions say it should take.  Let’s just say that we bought a light fixture that said “five minute assembly”, and it took Matt over an hour to assemble.  Enough said about that.  By Sunday afternoon, the sectional was assembled, and that’s all that matters.
This is what the family room looked like when I got home from work.  I'll show you the assembled sectional when I write a post about internet shopping later this week.

Since I asked Matt to complete some pretty big jobs this weekend, we agreed that he could pick our date night for the weekend.  He picked the Happy Cousine just down the street from our house.  Classy, huh?  Not what I would have picked, but it was his choice.  What can I say, he really likes Americanized Chinese food:-)  Dinner at Happy Cousine was the least I could do after all he did for me this weekend.   Now that this weekend's honey-do-list is complete, it's time to start working on next weekend's list;)

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  1. It's so nice to have a husband to take care of those things, isn't it? :-)