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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Week Without My Husband

         What a crazy week!  For starters, it's been insanely hot and humid!  We've been hitting record highs this week, and it's hard to believe that last week we were hitting record lows ~ but that's the mid-west for ya. 
         Then there is was this whole "Blogger not available" thing.  It only lasted two days, but it felt like forever.   Although I was annoyed with Blogger, I was easily distracted with the many projects that I wanted to complete this week.  Matt's been on a business trip all week, and even though I miss him terribly, I took advantage of my alone time by completing the following projects: three lamps, three pillows, a table runner, a memo board, a chalk board, two decoupage projects and a message board.  There should be plenty of tutorials coming soon.
        Yes, it was productive week without the hubs being around.  It was also kind of nice to come home, light some candles and catch up on some much needed reading. That's one of the things that I really loved about being single.  I loved coming home to my cozy apartment and getting lost in book.  Don't get me wrong, I miss Matt.  I especially miss him in the evenings. It was difficult falling asleep without him at my side, but there is a part of me that likes the solitude of the house when he's away.
          Today, I planned to do some of the things that I love but never make time to do, since I had such a productive week.  First of all, I started my day off by going to ten community garage sales in search of some great finds.  I didn't find a whole lot of things that I needed, but here are my finds.
$4 Mirror

I still need to clean it and take the sticker off :)

$2 Dress

Although I wasn't looking for clothes, I came across this dress and the two shirts, and I coudn't resist.

$1 Shirt

$1 Shirt

         After hitting the sales, I went to the mall where I planned to get my eyebrows waxed, my hair colored and my feet and hands pampered at the Aveda beauty school.  It's half the cost of an actual Aveda salon, and they do a great job. The only thing I don't let them do is cut my hair.  I'm sure they'd do fine, but I have a guy who cuts my hair at D:Fine salon.  Steve is great, and I haven't allowed anyone else to put a pair of scissors to my hair since he started cutting it two years ago.  Anyway, back to the Aveda dilemma.  To my dismay, it is prom and wedding season, and Aveda wasn't taking any walk-ins, so I had to schedule my hair color for next Friday.  I did, however, stop at a nail salon on my way home.  I managed to fit a much needed pedicure into my day.  So at the end of the day, my hair was still the same color, but my toes are looking pretty good right about now.

        The alone time was nice this week, but at this point, I'm kind of over it.  Matt gets home in an hour, and I'm very excited to see him!  I have a lasagna in the oven and a salad in the fridge.  I'm definitely ready to welcome my baby home:)


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