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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Glimpse Into My Job

      Since I started my blog, I don't think that I've shared much about my job and what it is I do at my job.  I know I've mentioned that I am a nanny for a four and six year old, but I don't think I've ever told you what that entails.  Let me share with a you a typical Saturday morning at my job.  How many of you get to go to two parks, a rummage sale, a farmer's market and a strawberry festival all in one six hour shift at your job?  I do, I do!  Yep, that was my job today ~ pretty cool,  huh?  On Saturdays, I get to take the girls to all sorts of fun things in our area.  Living in Indy is great, because there are so many cool things for kids to do.  We have the Children's Museum, the Zoo, Conner Prairie, bounce places galore, tons of parks, inside playgrounds, and all sorts of family-friendly community events ~ and I get to take the girls to all of those things when I work Saturday mornings :)

There are a lot of great parks in our area, and one of the local parks has recently undergone a transformation and received all new and updated equipment.  This morning was the ribbon cutting for the new and improved park, and hundreds of people came out for the community event.  The girls loved the playground, but like I said, there were hundreds of people out at the park this morning!  It was just too crowded to stay at the park!  I was having a hard time keeping track of them, so after twenty minutes we left the park excited about future summer picnics that no doubt await us at this new and improved play area!

Emily rock climbing

Amber rope balancing

After the park, we came arcross a community rummage sale at a nearby church where all of the procedes went to a little girl with cerebral palsy, her service dog and the expenses that all of that entails.  The little girl was adopted out of foster care, and she has cerebral palsy due to drugs during the pregnancy.  None of the items were priced ~ everything was donations.   It was a good unexpected lesson on charity for the girls, and they actually loved the rummage sale and donating money for a good cause.  While the girls walked away with a toy, I walked away with these three chairs.  I know ~ it doesn't look fact, they look kind of scary.  But would you believe that these are the exact same chairs that go to my dining room set that I have been working on....and would you believe that I was in need of three more chairs!  What are the odds!  I was sooo excited to find them!  I promise you, that when I am done with them (hopefully in the near future), they will look nothing like the hideousness that you see in the above picture!

After the rummage sale, we checked out some other community events that were going on like the strawberry festival and the local farmer's market.  The girls were fascinated with the "popcorn man" who was making fresh kettle corn at the market, and they thought his kettle corn tasted pretty good too:)

Before eating strawberry shortcake at the strawberry festival we went to the nearby park and had a picnic.  Like I said, we have a lot of great parks in our area, but this one is my personal favorite.  This is the same park that I take my walks at in the morning, and it's just a really clean, family-friendly park.  There are lots a great shade trees to keep you cool, paths for walking, great play equipment, and all sorts of sporting areas to enjoy, like a baseball diamond, basketball court, volleyball court and soccer field. 
Emily picked our picnic spot, and she was very proud that she picked such a great spot with a nice breeze to keep us cool from the summer sunshine:)
Amber eating her PBJ

enjoying our picnic:)
This is a horrible picture of me (talk about a bad angle), but the girls sure do look cute!

About the time we started to have lunch, the heat wave that was supposed to arrive later in the afternoon decided to show up a few hours early.  The comfortable temperatures of the morning soon turned  into hot and humid ninety degree temperatures.  It was just too hot to run around and play on the playground, so I let the girls play in the shaded sand at the volleyball court while I packed the car up.  Let me tell ya, it doesn't take much to entertain preschoolers.  They thought playing in the sand was cooler than the playground :)

Last but not least, we took a five minute drive to the strawberry festival where strawberry shortcake awaited the girls.  They both like cake, vanilla ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream, so I naturally thought that they would love their first experience of strawberry shortcake.  Apparently, they don't like all of those ingredients together, and ended up wasting most of their dessert. That's kids for ya!   Emily liked the ice cream, and Amber like the cake ~ but that was about it!  Thus, the main event of the day was short-lived.  Before taking the girls home, we stopped by my house to cool off with a snack and a glass of cold lemonade.  It always amazes me how I don't have any toys at my house, but they think it's the coolest thing ever to visit my house just because they get to see Molly and Chloe.  Again ~ it doesn't take much to entertain a four and six year old:)  At the end of the day, we learned a lot about community and charity, so I think that was pretty good day!

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