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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Read Any Good Books Lately?

        Yesterday was such a beautiful day!  I knew it was going to be pretty much perfect outside when I went for my morning walk, and there was a blue sky with absolutely no humidity!  It was wonderful!  I know that doesn't sound too exciting to some of you, but around here perfect weather is hard to come by.  For example, last Friday it was a dreary cold day with temperatures in the mid fifties, and by Monday it was an unbearably hot and humid ninety degrees!  Since it was such a beautiful day, I took advantage of the sunshine, grabbed a good book, a glass of lemon lime soda (with a slice of lime in it, of course;), and Molly and I headed out to the deck while Chloe sunbathed in a nearby window.  I love a great book in the summer sunshine, and reading was a wonderful way to spend my late afternoon:)  That brings me to my next point ~ aside from doing a little bit of reading yesterday, I also posted a "reading list" page on my blog.  I've been meaning to do it for awhile and finally got around to it last night.  Over the next few weeks I'll be posting my opinions of the books that I've read this year on my home page, and then linking the post back to the title of the book on the "reading list" page.  Have you read any good books lately? If you have let me know, and maybe I'll add it to my "to read" pile of books this year:)  Happy reading everyone!

What a great way to spend the afternoon!

Molly agrees.....

....and Chloe does too;)
I wish everyday had sunshine and a blue sky when I looked out the window.  I'll take this view any day:)


  1. so many good books to read! Dear John (omg cry) I just done reading The secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic- it was hilarious! My favorite book is - A million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard- what are you reading?

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  3. Erica, those books sound great! I am currently reading This Sdie of Heaven by Karen Kingsbury. I just finished Safe Haven and Nicholas Sparks didn't let me down. Love his work!