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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

our sad, brown, crispy grass

While Webster defines Dog Days as follows....
1the period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemisphere
 2:   a period of stagnation or inactivity 

I prefer to define it with a little more clarity and creativity:
You know it's the dog days of summer when......... can fry an egg on the sidewalk... look out the window and the grass is crispy and brown, rather than lush and green....

...nearby pools are putting ice in the water to cool the pool temperature down.... start sweating from the short walk out the front door to your car door...

...the playground equipment at local parks is so hot it can give dangerous burns to visiting children...

...temperatures are in the nineties after the sun goes down, and it's too miserable to be outside for an evening summer cookout (or any outdoor activity for that matter)... can leave cookie dough in a hot car, and return to find the dough baked... just can't stand to be outside for more than five minutes at a time!

         Yep, it has certainly been crazy-hot around here the past couple of weeks!  Let's just say that I am thankful for air conditioning, and my sympathy goes out to anyone who is enduring this weather without it!  Like most of the country, Indiana has been going through the dog days of summer.  The heat has been intense, but the humidity has been the biggest problem!  We always have high humidity in July and August, but the past few weeks, we've endured the kind of humidity that completely takes your breath away when you walk out the door!  This kind of weather has been making me wish autumn would come quickly, because I'm definitely ready for cooler days!  Yes, cooler, fall-like weather sounds pretty good about now. 
         While I do love that Indiana has four distinctive seasons, there are two seasons that always seem to overstay their welcome ~ winter and summer!  Winter usually stays longer than it should, and just when you think it has said its goodbyes, it rudely shows up unannounced throughout the course of spring. And while I love summer, it too can be brutal with its extreme heat and humidity....and lately, most of the country has seen a little too much of summer's brutality.  With the temps around the 100 degree mark and heat indexes well over 100 degrees, I'd say I'm ready for summer to start packing up and moving out!  Well.....maybe I'm not ready for summer to go away completely.....after all, it is only July..... but I'm definitely ready for the dog days of summer to kindly exit the summer scene.

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  1. I agree about Winter, but I LOVE this time of year! I even like the heat & humidity! :D I laughed so much at the beginning of this post!