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Saturday, July 30, 2011

National Cheesecake Day


         Happy National Cheesecake Day!  Don't you love how there's a holiday for everything these days!  I discovered that today was National Cheesecake Day last night when the hubs and I were at Cheesecake Factory for our weekly date night.  LOVE Cheesecake Factory!  If you go today, July 30, you can get any slice of cheesecake half off!  You can go to their website for more details.  If we would have known about this awesome news in advance, we would have had our date night tonight instead of last night.  Oh well, my misfortune means good news for you, because I'm able pass the info on to you with plenty of time to spare.  Now you have the chance to enjoy a slice of delicious creamy goodness for half the price!
            I'm definitely a big fan of Cheesecake Factory.  The cheesecake is to die for and is usually my reason for wanting to go, but the menu selection is also excellent!  There's so much to choose from! It always takes my husband forever to order, because there are so many choices.  Surprisingly, the food is really good even though they have a lot of different kinds of cuisines on the menu.  A few years ago, I  ordered the orange chicken - one word, YUM - and now that's what I usually order when I eat there.  Last night, I decided to switch things up a bit and go a little crazy.  The hubs swore I was going to change my mind last minute and end up ordering the orange chicken, but I surprised him a little when I ordered the stuffed chicken tortillas.  While I love the orange chicken, I have no regrets about my decision.  My meal was really good!
            Not only is the selection of food good, but the portions are huge!  I was only able to eat one fourth of my meal.....well, I was only able to eat that if I was going to save room for cheesecake;)  That means that today I have yummy leftovers for lunch and quite possibly dinner:)  Even my husband, the human garbage disposal, brought home leftovers. 
            The best part about Cheesecake Factory is the cheesecake.  I have to tell you that ever since the restaurant introduced its 30th anniversary cheesecake, it’s the only kind of cheesecake I order.  I've never had cheesecake like it!  It's the best thing EVER.....but I must have been in some sort of weird mood last night, because I switched things up and ordered the red velvet cheesecake.  It was very good, but I still say the anniversary cake is the best thing EVER!!!
            So, how much is Cheesecake Factory one might ask?  Considering all you get, the price it isn't bad.  It's still a fairly casual place to dine, so I would describe it as a step up from Applebees and a step down from Ruth’s Chris.  We never spend less than $50 for the two of us.  That's with two largely portioned meals, drinks and desserts.  It's not some place we go all the time, but every few months I request that we have dinner at Cheesecake Factory. 
            It’s time to wrap this post up, because I still have half of my cheesecake from last night in the fridge.  That and a cup of coffee sounds like an irresistible breakfast.  Healthy huh?  Yep, this is why we only have Cheesecake Factory every few months.  Have a great Saturday everyone!   Now I have some cheesecake to go enjoy;)

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  1. Yum! This post is torture!!! There is no way I will make it there today :(