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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Free Dates with the Hubs

            Do you ever feel as though you only see your spouse in passing throughout the week?  Matt and I often feel like that.  That’s why we make a point to have a weekly date night, which usually ends up being on a Friday or Saturday.  We don’t spend a lot of money on our weekly dates.  In fact, I always look at my local community website or the Indianapolis city website to see what free events we can take advantage of for our weekly dates. 
            Last week we ended up going to a local park to watch free movies under the starry sky.  Our town has Movies at the Park on Friday nights during the months of August and September.  Most of the showings are kid-friendly, so it’s a great thing for young families to do on a Friday night.  But last week was a little bit different, because Movies at the Park was showing a double feature (one movie for a kid/family audience and one for an adult audience), so Matt and I decided that Movies at the Park would be our date for the week.  We dressed in warm layers for the brisk fall-like evening, packed up the car with chairs, blankets, dinner and movie snacks. We then made a five minute drive down the street to the local park to watch Shreck Happily Ever After and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The sad thing is that we were really tired after the first movie, and we found ourselves packing up our things at the intermission along with the other families who had small children eager to go home and go to bed. Yep….I’m pretty sure that means that we’re just getting old…..too old to stay out late and watch the grown up movie with all of the other grown ups.  Oh well, I don’t have a problem with getting old, and Matt and I had a great time regardless of which movie we ended up watching. 
            The next morning, we went to another free event that our community has annually, Art in the Park, and today we went to Oktoberfest when Matt got home from work.  So if you are looking for inexpensive things to do with your spouse, check out your community web page to see what kind of events you can enjoy together.

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