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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Help - Book and Movie Review

           A few weeks ago, my mom came up to visit me for the weekend, so I could take her to see The Help.   I devoured the book in two days.   When the movie came out, I knew my mom was the perfect person to enjoy it with.  Of course my mom loved the movie, even though she sobbed through the majority of it.  The movie was great, but as it is usually my opinion, the book was even better.  There were certain parts in the book that the movie kind of brushed over for sake of time, so I recommend reading the book to get the whole story. 
            The Help is definitely a must-read on my recommended book list this year.   I love the way Kathryn Stockett tells a historical/fictional story from a unique perspective while stirring all sorts of emotions in the reader.  This book is powerful yet comical, but in the end, it makes the reader realize and appreciate how far our nation has come in just a few short decades.  So if you’re looking for a good read, go to your local bookstore and pick up The Help.   After reading the book, treat yourself to the movie… won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Thanks for saying to read the book first, won't be hard because I love to read! I'll get it on my kindle then see the movie!
    You are so blessed to have your mom still, when I read others in blog land and how they share with their them it makes me sad. I shared everything with my mom and just wonder what she would have thought about my blog. She liked to decorate so I know she would have enjoyed it.
    Copying your recipe now, looks so good!