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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Holiday Tradition....a few days early...

Traditions….we all have them, especially this time of year.  Typically, we put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year we put it up a few days early as we decked the halls this past Saturday night. 
When we decorate our home for Christmas, Matt puts the tree together and puts the lights on the tree, while I decorate the rest of the house.
Once he’s finished, I give him a plate of cookies while I take over the Christmas tree duty and strategically place every ornament on the tree.
Matt thinks I’m kind of freakishly controlling about every detail of the tree, and for once, I actually agree with him;) I don't think he really cares though, becasue he is too busy indulging in a fresh batch of no-bake-fudge cookies, while I am carefully placing each ornament in it's perfect little place.
Lastly, Matt puts the star on top of our tree, and we step back, turn the lights out, and plug in the Christmas tree....
.....and then we wait for Chloe to nearly knock over the tree before eating the pine needles, which she will inevitably throw up all over the carpet later on in the evening.  What is it with cats and Christmas trees?  This is certainly a part of the tradition that I wish we could get rid of.
Once the house is all decked out for the holidays, we pop up a bowl of fresh kettle corn, make a batch of my mom’s hot cocoa and watch Miracle on
34th Street

And that’s it….that’s our tradition.  There’s just something about the simple traditions of the holiday season that bring such warmth and comfort.  I hope you all enjoy your holiday traditions over the upcoming weeks as much as we enjoy ours.

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  1. Aw I love it, so cute! Hubs & I don't have our own house yet, but that's one thing I can't wait for... Starting our own traditions! = )