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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Safe Haven: Movie Review

           I’m a huge Nicholas Sparks fan.  I don’t think I’ve been disappointed with anything he’s written.  I think that many would agree with me about that.  The very fact that so many of his books make it to the big screen is proof enough for me.

            I read Safe Haven in the summer of 2011 and loved it!  It’s one of my favorite Sparks’ books, so I was really excited when I heard the movie was coming out.  The hubs and I went to see it opening weekend, and I was very pleased that it stayed pretty true to the book.

            Several people who are not familiar with book have asked me about the movie, and this is what I’ve been telling them:

It was really good! Pretty much true to the book. Like the book, the movie was overall clean. One or two cuss words, if that. One love scene, that would be considered mature for younger audiences. No nudity in the love scene, but a few minutes of passion, similar to the love scenes in all of his other movies. Considering the plot of the story, there is also some domestic violence in the film that may be too mature for younger audiences. Basically, it's a classic Nicholas Sparks story, so a good movie to compare it to would be others like the Notebook or Dear John.”


  1. I've read all his books too and I'm a fan of his also. Saw the previews to Safe Haven when I went to see Silver Linings Playbook, and so want to see it too! Glad to hear that it is true to the book.

  2. If this is the type of movie you like, then it's meant for you. As for me, it just doesn't do much at all. Nice review Rachel.