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Friday, March 29, 2013

Do you know if you're a "no reply blogger"?

            I recently came across a post from a fellow blogger.  The post brought to my attention a blogging term that I was unfamiliar with called “no reply blogger”.  Are you familiar with the term?  Do you know if you are a “no reply blogger”?  Basically, a “no reply blogger” is someone that comments on blog posts, but may not get a reply because their account is set up as a “no reply blogger”.  You may not even know that you have an account set up this way.  I can tell you that if you are not set up for your comments to be replied via email, you have likely not been getting my replies. 

          I am not on my blog very often, but thanks to sites like Pinterest, I am still getting quite a few page views each month from tutorials that I posted a long time ago, despite my efforts to blog lately. Numerous random comments come with those page views.  Don’t get me wrong, I love getting comments, but since I don’t check my blog often, I don’t reply underneath the original comment on my actual blog.  Even when I was blogging on a regular basis I did not reply to comments that way, because I know that when I comment on blogs, I rarely go back to the original blog post to look for a reply.  I have my account set up, not as a “no reply blogger”, but rather for replies to be sent to my email address.  I find this to be a more efficient way for bloggers to reply to my comments.  I also have my account set up so that all of the comments that I receive on my blog go straight to my email.  I can easily reply to comments via email by simply using my phone throughout the day. 

          Up until I read a post about “no reply bloggers”, I had no idea that there are some people who comment without giving an email address.  I didn’t know this, because ALL of the comments on my blog are emailed to me with the sender’s name.  And I am able to REPLY via email to ALL of my comments without any problem.  What I didn’t realize is that if I click the sender’s name, some of the names don’t have an email address. Rather, they have the words “no reply blogger” where the email address should be.  You would think that I wouldn’t be able to reply to that comment via email at all, but NO….I’ve been returning emails just fine, not realizing that my emails are going absolutely nowhere unless the commenter has their account set up for my reply to go back to them via email.  I’m not exactly sure where my replies have been going.  They must be going to some great abyss, because they're certainly not going to the original commenter! 

          If you are a "no reply blogger", please know that I am not ignoring you.  Up until recently, I have been completely oblivious to this issue.  I still don’t get on my blog every day, so even though the issue has been brought to my attention, I will likely not reply to comments immediately unless I am able to reply via email.  If you’d like to know more about this subject, I recommend reading about it here.  The link is an EXCELLENT post about this topic! She informs her readers about this subject much better than I ever could!   She also shows you how to change your settings, so you can get replies via email. I hope today's post helps some of you, the same way that her post helped me:)

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