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Monday, June 15, 2015

Two Ingredient Banana Pancake Toddler Recipe Reveiw

This morning I posted about the oatmeal and applesauce pancakes my twin toddlers love to eat for breakfast.  This evening, I want to share my thoughts on the very popular "two ingredient" pancakes that are all over Pinterest.  

A few weeks ago, I tried this popular recipe for our Saturday morning breakfast.  For starters, you don't technically need more than one banana and one egg, but I added a tsp of cinnamon for additional flavor, and 1/2 tsp of baking powder as a leavening agent.  Both were recommended in many of the post I read about this recipe.

The first batch I made, I put all of the ingredients in the blender.... get a pancake batter-like consistency.

I found the batter to be too thin using this method.....

....and they didn't turn out so great.

The second batch I made, I just mashed the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

This kept the batter thicker, and made it easier to work with.

My husband and I tried these pancakes, and din't care for them.  They tasted like what they are...cooked eggs and a smashed banana.  I think I'd rather just make an egg for breakfast and eat a banana on the side, instead of mixing the two.

The real test came when I fed them to my toddlers.  After all, my twin toddlers were the real reason I experimented with this recipe.  I'm always looking for toddler food they will enjoy.  Unfortunately, my boys tasted them and spit them out.  They wouldn't eat them at all.

The concept of the two ingredient pancake is awesome, but the execution and overall taste of these pancakes get a thumbs down from our family.

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