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{My Mom of Twins Life}

Much like my pregnancy experience, I wanted to blog about my parenthood experiences.  I chose to do monthly blog posts about being the parents of twins in the first year.  This was more to keep long distance family and friends updated on the boys as well as an online scrapbook for myself of the boys' development in the first year.  Click the links below to visit the posts in the blog series titled, "Parenting Twins - The First Year".
I'm certainly no pro when it comes to raising twins.  I've got less than two years of experience under my belt, after all.  But what I have learned, I've tried to put in a few blogs posts to help other expecting mother's of multiples.
I've shared numerous photos of my little guys on the blog.  If your're expecting twins and you are looking for a few photo ideas, click the links below to see some of the photo sessions we did for our twins.
When we found out we were having twin boys, I had a lot of fun creating a little boy nursery together.  Click the links below to find the DIY projects I shared on the blog from the series about creating "A Nursery for Twin Boys".
Babies grow so much in the first year!  The first birthday is time to celebrate all of the growth and milestone that have occurred in only twelve short months!  We had a Thing One and Thing Two Dr. Seuss first birthday party for our twin boys.  I shared on the blog various projects I completed for the party as well as numerous pictures from the party.  Click the links below to visit the posts in the blog series titled, "Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins".
Click the links below for any DIY projects I made for the boys throughout their first year.

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