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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Letters to my Babies - Week 28

We are so thankful for this pregnancy! After sharing our journey through infertilty on the blog, I knew I wanted to log our newfound 40 week journey of pregnancy on the blog as well. Not knowing if I’ll ever be able to experience pregnancy again, I have chosen to log our pregnancy by writing occasional letters to our babies. The letters will keep my readers posted on how we are doing each week, but the letters will also be something that our little ones can go back and read, as a reminder of how much he or she was loved from the very beginning of their existence. You can read previous weeks by clicking on the following posts: Week 5, Week 7, Week 9, Week 12, Week 13, Week 15, Week 16, Week 18, Week 19, Week 21, Week 22 Week 24.
It’s hard to believe I haven’t sat down to write a blog post in four weeks.  There is much to inform you about, so I’ll start with the most recent and work my way back.

We went in for your 28 week growth ultrasound on Friday.  As usual, the doctors are pleased that you are healthy and well.  You’re both around the 50th percentile in growth, making you very comparable to normal singleton babies in size.  You’ve both gained about a pound in the past month.  Baby A weighed in at 2 lbs. 12 oz., while Baby B weighted 2 lbs. 9 oz.  We are expecting another pound weight gain for your next growth ultrasound at 32 weeks, and then from there you should be gaining about a pound every two weeks.  We didn’t really get any good pics, because the tech said we are past the point of good pictures.  Apparently, you are taking up more room inside of me, making for shadowy ultrasound pictures.  We did get one decent pic of Baby A, where you can kind of see your face with your hand in front of it.  The rest of the pictures were too blurry to make out any of your features.
I also am very pleased to say that I passed my 28 week glucose test.  I definitely over indulged on sugary-unhealthy things over the holidays, but as soon as the new year came, we got rid of the junk and filled the fridge and pantry with normal food again.  Our diet is now back to normal, which means sweets and treats are only eaten in moderation.....which explains why I celebrated passing my test with a cupcake and decaf white mocha.  It was my reward for being so good, the past two weeks:)
My body has certainly grown in the past four weeks as well. I seriously wonder how this belly of mine is going to get any bigger….and yet, I know it will!  I'm still measuring eight weeks ahead.  So at 28 weeks, I'm measuring 36 weeks,  which is all very normal for twins. 

As my body grows, I feel and see your movements on a regular basis.  I won’t miss a lot of things that come with pregnancy, but I will certainly miss this part of pregnancy.  At times, your activity makes me uncomfortable and keeps me up at night, but there is something so very miraculous about looking down at my pregnant belly and seeing the movement of life growing inside of me.  It’s something I will always cherish.

As I’ve entered my last trimester, some of the pregnancy symptoms that bothered me so much in my second trimester have now subsided, while new symptoms have plagued these last few weeks of pregnancy.  For example, I was carrying quite low for much of my second trimester.  With that came the swollen feet and sore back.  Yet, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I noticed that I was carrying higher.  Since then, I haven’t really had to deal with swollen feet, and I only have a sore lower back on days that I do a lot of cleaning and/or physical activity. 

As you've grown, heartburn became atrocious!  I was tempted to ask for some sort of prescription at my 24 week check up, but just decided to make do by taking the usual antacids and drinking milk for instantaneous, yet temporary relief.  I’m glad I didn’t ask for a prescription, because within the past week or two, the heartburn has subsided some and has become much more bearable for me.  I’m not sure what the reason for this is, but I’m sure glad that the heartburn and acid reflux has settled down.

My newest pregnancy symptom is a pregnancy rash called PUPPP.  I started coming down with it around New Years.  After about a week, I couldn’t take it any more and finally called my doctor for a diagnosis.  Apparently, it is very rare and only occurs in 1% of all pregnancies, yet somehow I am lucky enough to get it.  It’s probably the worst part of pregnancy so far.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  It won’t go away until I deliver, and it is leaving stretch marks and scars in its path.  I admit that at first, it really got me down.  Just the thought of dealing with something so very itchy for the remainder of my pregnancy was really discouraging.  However, I have accepted it for what it is, and I am learning to cope with it.  Through much determination and internet research, I think I have formulated a daily method of dealing with the rash and keeping its effects on my daily life at a minimum.

While I was coming down with the PUPPP rash, our nation was experiencing a historic arctic blast.  I only bring this up, because I will probably be one of those mom’s who says, “I remember when I was pregnant with you and we had -40 degree wind chills with 13 inches of snow, and the whole state was shut down for a week.”  Yeah, I figure it will sort of be how my parents still talk about the blizzard of ’78.  I just thought I’d throw this in here, so you are aware of the stories that are to come as you grow up.  The storm hit just after our two week Christmas vacation, so after three weeks of being lazy and doing a whole lot of nothing, Daddy and I were ready to get back into a regular routine. 

The holidays fell in the middle of the week this year. Being off for the holidays and adding in a few vacation days, made for a much needed “staycation” for Mommy and Daddy.  We spent our time doing a whole lot of nothing, but doing a whole lot of nothing together.   We planned it this way, as we realized it was probably the last time that we had to just spend time together with just the two of us.  It was certainly a time to for us to relax and refresh before entering the new year, as your soon arrival will bring to us changes that we can not possibly prepare ourselves for. 


We’re anticipating your arrival in the next 6-10 weeks, and while we may be prepared for your entrance into this world, I don’t know that we will ever be ready for the life changes that are coming our way.  Yes, the nursery is ready, the names have been chosen, the diapers are stocked, the baby books have been read, the hospital tour has been taken, the child birth classes are scheduled, the new "life with babies" budget has been planned out and put onto a spreadsheet, the maternity pictures are completed, the baby showers are planned, the baby registry is complete and what we don’t get we will go out and buy after the showers are over. We’re checking things off of our to-do list left and right, yet we will never be fully ready for what we know you will bring into our lives in the next few months.  At first, I’m sure you will bring much stress and sleep deprivation as we try to survive those first few months of caring for newborn twins on our own.  There’s really no way for us to be ready for that.  But I’m also certain that you will bring a love that we have never known and can not possibly imagine. As our eyes meet for the first time and we hold you in our arms, our family of two will instantly become a family of four.  As much as we plan and prepare, nothing will truly make us ready for such a change.  It is a little bitter-sweet.  I will miss the time that your dad and I have had together, just the two of us.  It’s been a good five years.  All of that is about to change….yet, we know only the best years are to come. So in this new year, here’s to growing our family and the changes and challenges that come with it.  I'm looking forward to all of the new things 2014 brings our way.