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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Babies' First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Cooler temps, falling leaves, football and PUMPKINS!

I love this time of year!  We took the babies out last week for their first trip to the pumpkin patch!  This will be an annual event for sure and is something I may look forward to more than they do for the next several years to come.

We knew the boys wouldn’t be able to do much at the pumpkin patch this year, and we were ok with that. They couldn’t play the games or eat the food, and in the future they would have no memory of this day..  Yes, we wanted to take them out to explore their surroundings, but this year’s pumpkin patch trip was more for us and our memories with our little guys.

To be honest, the only reason we took them this year was to…
….ONE…. start a family tradition and
….TW0… take lots of pictures!

Because seriously, any baby is cute....A baby with a pumpkin is even cuter….and two babies in a pile of pumpkins is just the cutest!

And so, after the boys woke up from their morning nap, we got them dressed, loaded them in the car and made our way to Stony Creek Farms for a fun-filled family day of pumpkin picking.   As we expected the place was packed, seeing as how it was a weekend and one of the only nice weekends (weather-wise) we had in awhile. 

Nonetheless, we paid our $5 for parking, parked at what seemed like forever away when you are carrying babies and made our way to the ticket booth to get tickets for our hayride.  The line was, as usual, super long.  We waited it out and paid $2 for our two tickets, and then we made our way to the barn and got in line for our hayride.

HAY…..the babies had never seen HAY before, and they were SO VERY enamored with the stuff!  The LOOK of it, the FEEL of it and yes, even the TASTE of it!

And then we made our way to the pumpkin patch with two babies and a camera in hand and did what we had set out to do in the first place…

Take lots of pictures!

For every one good picture there were five bad ones.  Such is my life with twins!  But overall, I was happy with what pictures I could salvage.  Mind you, I’m far from a professional photographer.  I’m just a mama who likes to flash a camera in front of her kids’ faces whenever she can.  Below are a few of my favorite pictures from our day.

Overall, pumpkin picking was a fun first time memory for our little family, even though we couldn’t find baby pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.  Not able to carry (nor willing to pay for) two giant pumpkins and two babies, we got back on our hayride and bought two small pumpkins at the farm’s store for a couple dollars each before heading home:) 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Twin Boys' Six Month Pictures

A few weeks ago, I took the babies to the park to try to get a few "official" six month pictures.

If you are on FB with me, you've already seen these pics, and you know my dilemma.

For the most part, my attempt at photographing the twins was an epic fail, but a memorable epic fail, nonetheless!

My goal was to take them to a park.....

place them on a blanket under a tree with a few fallen leaves.....

during the last hour of daylight.....

and end up with these perfect pictures of my babies!

The babies brought Mommy back to reality, when they reminded me that they are teething twins.....

who are crankiest in the evenings....

and they had not mastered sitting up on their own yet.....

nor do they like to be on their stomach!

I was also reminded that I am not a professional photographer, just a mom chasing her kids with a camera.

So even though our attempt at an evening DIY MoM photagraphy session was far from perfect, I did end up with a few shots that were keepers;)


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Babies' First Trip to the Apple Orchard

Fall is here! This is my favorite time of year! It's also a very busy time of year. There are always so many fun things to do before the leaves fall and the pumpkin decorations get replaced with holiday decor.
I realize that I have not been on the blog much lately. My two little guys are keeping me very busy. I find that when I do have a few moments during the week to get stuff done, blogging has been at the bottom of my to-do list.
I figure that I had better get the babies' first trip to the apple orchard up on the blog, seeing as how we took them apple picking a few weeks ago in September.....
and now we are in October....
and we just took them to the pumpkin patch today, which I'll also want to put on the blog....
and before I know it Haloween will be here....
and so on and so on....
So here ya go! These are a few of my favorite pictures from the Ethan and Arron's first trip to Tuttle's Orchard.
LOVE our little family, and I LOVE that the family traditions are already beginning!!



Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Parenting Twins - The First Year (Month Six)

How do I have six month olds already?  I'm not sure where the time is going! Between sleep deprivation and being a first time parent of twins, I know this year is going to be such a blur when I look back on it, so I am trying to take as many pictures as possible! Here is their six month update!

Birth – 5.7 (A) 6 (E)
    Home from Hospital– 5 (A) 5.8 (E)
One Month – 6.14 (A) 6.12 (E) 
Two Months – 9.4 (A&E) both finally reached the charts at the 1st percentile 
     Eleven weeks Weeks - 10.1 (Aaron)
Four Months - 13.13(A) 12.13 (E) 15th and 5th percentile
     Five Months - 14.1(Ethan)
Six Months - 16.10 (A) 15.3 (E) 30th and 15th percentile

Our twins turned six months old this week!  They are interacting with people more and more!  They have their own twin lingo that I don't understand, as they tend to jibber-jabber and reach out for one another during play time. Smiles and laughter fill our home and make all of the work worth it!  At six months, they LOVE their exersaucers!  I'm pretty sure Ethan would be content to be left in his all day.  Aaron has also taken a liking to the jumperoo, and at times he will jump so aggressively, I fear he may break it! Daddy works with the boys every night on the floor while I make dinner, as we are still trying to master rolling over and sitting up independently.  I try using the bumbos during the day, by putting the babies in them on the floor surrounded with toys.  The boys don't last very long in the bumbos, before crying to be moved to something else.  They are close to sitting up on their own, but they have not quite mastered the balance part of sitting yet.  Aaron is closer than Ethan and can go a few seconds sitting up on his own before toppling over.  Ethan may not be the better sitter, but he loves to stand!  I am thinking there is real possibility that Ethan skips crawling and goes straight to walking.  Aaron loves to roll over on his tummy but gets frustrated that he hasn't figured out how to roll back over on his back yet.  Ethan shows absolutely no interest in rolling over on his stomach.  He has always hated being on his tummy, and when we roll him over to his stomach, he uses all of his might to roll back over on his back.  Between the two of them, we have a whole roll lol!  If Ethan continues to not show any interest in rolling over by seven months, the pediatrician wants him to come back for a visit.  

Aaron LOVES to eat!  Ethan still takes a little more work when it comes to eating.  A typical day for the babies is an early morning 4 oz bottle, cereal with bananas around 8:30, 4-6 oz bottle around 10:00 followed by a nap, a vegi with half of a fruit around 12:00, a 4-6 oz bottle around 2:00 followed by a nap, a vegi with half of a fruit around 4:00, a 4oz bottle at 5:00 followed by a short nap, cereal with bananas around 7:00, 5oz night time bottle with rice cereal in it at 8:30.

We have seen great improvements with sleep this month!  I know we still have more work to do, but when I read last month's blog post, I know that we have achieved some success in the area of sleeping.  There was a point about six weeks ago, where I honestly felt like it was harder than when the babies were newborns, simply because no one was sleeping at the same time!  As usual, Ethan is our awesome sleeper!  He sleeps on average 10 hours a night and if I put in bed with me, he will go back to sleep after an early morning  bottle, sleeping for a total of about 12 hours.  He averages three one hour naps a day.  Aaron....not so much.  His 30 minute naps can be frustrating, but if that's all he needs, then I can't do much about it.  I have seen improvements with his naps within the past week.  His naps have increased to nearly an hour each.  I couldn't be more happy about that! I have managed to get the babies back to napping at the same time (insert applause and cheers of excitement here).  I have to divide and conquer to make this happen, but at least it is happening.  Aaron usually naps in the nursery and Ethan in our room.  Aaron is getting better with night time wakings.  We pushed bed time back to 8:30, and he will go on average six hours before waking, giving me a little bit of a break.  After talking to the pediatrician, we both agree that Aaron is likely waking for comfort from a bottle.  He really should not be waking up to be fed at night, so we are going to work really hard on training him to sleep through the night this month.  This will be challenging with twins.  I don't want Aaron to wake Ethan, so when he cries, we typically pick him up and move him to our room and give him what he wants....a bottle. Once he falls asleep we move him back to the crib.  Trying to figure out a way to not wake up his brother and train him to realize he doesn't NEED a bottle is going to present some challenges.  Crib training them at four months was easy, and sleep training Ethan was a breeze.  Just popping a pacifier back in Ethan's mouth a couple of times and walking away from the crib was all that it took.  Aaron....not so much.  He is my demanding little guy, and he is going to take some work.


Ah, the joy of teething twins!  Teething tablets are a necessity around here, and Tylenol at night is also helpful.  I feel like Aaron has been teething forever, as he has not been an easy teether!  Yet, he still has no teeth!  To our surprise, Ethan got his first tooth before Aaron!  A few weeks ago, I felt a little poke in Ethan's mouth and sure enough it was a tooth.  It took about ten days for the entire tooth to cut through his gums.  It was a rough ten days for our little guy, but prior to that first poke, Ethan showed very little signs of teething other than excessive drool.  And just a few days ago, Ethan's second tooth poked through!  

Basic Health and Wellness:
Aaron is getting a referral to an eye doctor, because his right eye tends to cross some.  We were waiting to see if it would correct itself, but it never has.  He also has a very flat head, and we are waiting for the nine month well check to see if this corrects itself.  Ethan is getting a referral to a urologist about getting his circumcision corrected.  The first circumcision left a little too much skin, so we are going to have it looked at.  If we choose to get this corrected, it would involve putting him under anesthesia, which I am not too thrilled about.  But at the same time, if we are going to correct it, it is best to correct it within the first year.  

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Parenting Twins - The First Year (Month 5)

The boys turned five months old on Friday!  What a month of "firsts" it has been!  They went to the beach for the first time, tried out the neighborhood pool for the first time and had a stomach virus for the first time.  Ok, some firsts were more pleasant than others, but we were making memories nonetheless.

The babies also started the month off by trying solid foods for the first time.  We started with cereal, then made our way to vegetables and fruits.  One month later, they are pros at eating baby food.  Sweet potatoes and squash are their favorites.  Green beans....not so much.  They are currently eating cereal with a fruit for breakfast and before bed, as well as a vegetable and half of a fruit for lunch and dinner. They took to being spoon-fed really well.  Aaron is a pro with the spoon and will open his mouth up in anticipation for every bite.  I can't shovel the food in fast enough for him.  Ethan is a little more messy with his food.  It seems like he spits out half of what goes in, but he is doing much better now than he was at the beginning of the month. 

Month five was also our first month moving to our cribs full time.  They have officially outgrown the bassinets in our room.  Ethan made the transition to cribs look easy.  From the beginning, he was super easy to put down for bed.  He'd fall asleep on his own within ten minutes.  He also sleeps through the night more than half of the time.  If he does wake up, it's usually only once.  Unfortunately, he never wakes up at the same time as his brother.  All I have to do to get him back to sleep is give him a bottle in his crib.  Because he sleeps so well, he's usually up for his day pretty early in the morning ready to play. Aaron on the other hand, is not the best sleeper.  In general, he fights sleep.   He also wakes up screaming every three to four hours and is not satisfied until I pick him up and put a bottle in his mouth.  He doesn't go back down as easily as his brother.  And because he doesn't sleep as well, he usually isn't ready to wake up as early as his brother.  This also messes with their naps during the day.  By the time Aaron wakes up, Ethan is usually ready for a morning nap.  Because they are not waking up at the same time, they are not wanting to nap at the same time.  It is very rare that I have both babies sleeping at the same time during the day.  I'll be honest. Their sleep patterns this month are killing me.  They are so very different!  As a result, I am not getting much sleep. I have felt more sleep deprived this month than I did when they were newborns.  It was so much easier when they were tiny.  I could wake them up together every three hours to feed and change them and then put them back to sleep at the same time.  Now that they are bigger, they are really showing their individuality.  It's not fair for me to wake up Ethan just because Aaron wakes up, when Ethan is already showing such healthy sleep patterns.  I'm hoping by next month, we'll have seen great improvements on Aaron's sleep patterns.

Developmentally, we also saw a few firsts this month.  Aaron is officially rolling over.  All of a sudden, he has taken a liking to being put on his stomach.  They used to both hate tummy time.  Ethan is still not a fan of being put on his tummy, but Aaron is really starting to enjoy it.  They also grew into their exersaucers this month.  Growing is something that they have been doing like crazy!  Three month clothes are starting to get snug, and I foresee 3-6 month clothes being pulled out in the near future!  At the beginning of the month, the exersauser was still too big.  At the end of the month, they not only fit into them but have figured out how to turn in the seat and play with most of the toys on it.  And just this week, the babies have grown into their jumperoo.  They've not mastered the jumping part, as they are only five months old, but they are fitting into it and enjoying the toys on it.   

Overall, month five has been a big month of changes.  I'd say we are transitioning from young infants to middle infants.  When they were newborns, they just wanted to be held all of the time.  When they were young infants, they started to enjoy swings, bouncy seats and baby gym mats, as they were learning to reach out for things and focus on their surroundings.  Now we are transitioning into the middle infant stage, as they are sleeping less during the day and enjoying more activity and coordination.  Before I know it, they will be in their older infant phase.  I'll need to baby proof the house for that phase, as we will have babies who are crawling, pulling themselves up and preparing to walk.  Time is going so fast!  Their first year will be over before I know it.  I'm doing my best to take in every second of it, no matter how tired I am!  

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