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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 8 (Drink Table)

I am almost to the end of my blog series on the Dr. Seuss first birthday party we had for our twin boys.  Yesterday I shared with you the food/snack table and the dessert table. This afternoon, I want to share with you how we did the the drink table for the party.  

Because this party was an in-home party upstairs in our loft area, I had to be resourceful and use whatever I could find for tables.  Our drink table was actually just two wooden filing cabinets that are usually behind the couch in the our loft.  I pushed the filing cabinets against a wall, placed a plastic table cloth over them that I got from Walmart in the party section for $1, and wa-lah...all of a sudden I had a place to put drinks.  

Ok, so lets talk drinks.  I saw all sorts of cute Dr. Seuss drink options on Pinterest with fun Dr. Seuss names.  The problem was that I didn't want to use any open cups for the party.  Normally, I don't care if people have open cups in my house (as long as they use coasters, Ha!).  This particular party was being held in an area of our home where people were eating and drinking in chairs without tables, and therefore were more than likely going to be setting their drinks on the floor.  Are you following me here?   My mommy brain was seeing thirty open cups on the floor and several little kids, five years old and under, running around the open cups, potentially knocking over and spilling the liquids in the open cups.  Yeah, my mommy brain was saying, "no open cups for the party."  That's why I chose water bottles as the main drink, which most adults would want.  Low sugar juice boxes were also offered, which most moms would want for their little kids.  The squeeze-its were also offered. Honestly, I bought them because they looked fun on my table, but also because bigger kids would like those over the less flavorful juice boxes.

I also chose to place the plates, napkins and utensils on the drink table, only because I did not have room on any of the other tables.  I think I bought the blue dessert plates, forks and spoons from the Dollar Tree.  The napkins were from Walmart.  The large polka dot plates were from Hobby Lobby, purchased using the weekly 40% off coupon.  The forks and spoons were placed in a wire basket from my pantry.  The party favors that I shared with you this morning in this blog post, were also displayed on the table.

For decorations, I hung Dr. Seuss quotes on the wall, along with a couple of tissue paper flowers.  I also used a crate to display the water bottles in.  I bought the crate as a photo prop for the boys' one year old pictures and decided I could use it on the drink table to get a little more use out of it. On top of a the crate, I put a Dr. Seuss stuffed animal and book that the boys had given to them by a friend.  I made the fun Dr. Seuss water bottle labels myself.  I loved the idea of the labels. I only made them, because it was cheaper than buying them from Etsy shops.  Below, you will find how I made some of the decorations, as well as my list of things to buy for the drink table.

Things to Make:
Water Bottle Labels
Supplies: computer, printer and paper
Directions:  I Googled "red and white striped paper", found a pattern I liked, copied and pasted the image inside of a text box in Microsoft Word.  I adjusted the size to be what I needed for the water bottle labels.  Using shapes in Microsoft Word, I placed a circle in the middle of my red and white water bottle label. I then Googled "free Thing One and Thing Two Dr. Seuss clip art" and found an image I liked.  I copied the image and placed it in another text box that I formatted with out lines. I placed that text box with the Thing One and Thing Two image in the middle of my circle.  Lastly, using Cosmic Sans font, I wrote Happy Birthday above Thing One and Thing Two image, and I wrote the birthday boys' names below Thing One and Thing Two image.  Once I had completed one water bottle label.  I copied and pasted the entire label enough times to fill one page.  I then printed as many pages as I needed for my water bottles.  
JUST SO YOU KNOW: Because, I was using my own color ink, and ink is expensive, I did not make enough labels for all 48 bottles of water.  I made just enough for the water bottles that were displayed on the table (I think about 20).  The extra water bottles were on the floor in the corner next to the table.  I brought the extra water bottles out when we ran out of the ones on the table, but they did not have the Dr. Seuss labels on them.
Tissue Paper Flowers to hang on the wall
Supplies: green and blue tissue paper, floral wire
Directions:  Take a stack of tissue paper that has been layered by every other color and fold long ways back and forth like you would a paper fan, then fold in half and secure with floral wire, cut off the ends in a semi-circle, then pull apart and fan out the paper to look like a flower. See here for visual directions.
Dr. Seuss Quotes for the Wall
Supplies:  construction paper, glue stick, computer, printer, paper
Directions:  I found this free download for the Dr. Seuss Quotes.  After I downloaded them to my computer, I printed them on computer paper and glued them to construction paper.

Things to buy:
Water Bottles (two 24 packs)
Juice Boxes (two 8 packs)
Squeeze Its (one red pack, one blue pack)
Dinner Plates
Dessert Plates
Forks and Spoons
Red Table Cloth
Green and Blue Tissue Paper
clear party favor bags (pack of 50)
Sugar Cookie Dough (two packages)
red cookie glaze (one pouch)
white cookie glaze (one pouch)
black edible writing gel

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 7 (Party Favors)

Good morning blog readers!  I hope you are having a lovely Sunday.  I'm actually home from church this morning with a sick kiddo.  Daddy took Brother to church, so it is just me and baby number one lounging around in our pajamas and watching cartoons on the couch this morning.  I'm currently enjoying my second cup of coffee and a little blog time, while my little man takes his morning nap.
If you've read my blog this week, you know I've been sharing all sorts of Dr. Seuss fun, regarding our boys' recent birthday celebration.This morning I wanted to share the party favors I used for the boys' first birthday party.  Since this was a family party full of kids and adults, I chose to make Dr. Seuss themed cookies as a little take-away for the party guests.  I saw all sorts of Dr. Seuss cookies online that could be order from bakeries, but they were way too expensive for me.  Some were upwards of $30 a dozen.  I needed over thirty cookies, so that was just not gonna happen!  After buying my dough and my icing, I think I maybe spent $12 on my cookies.  
I could have made them for less if I made everything from scratch.  To simplify my life, I made the cookies the day before the party with store-bought Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix.  I didn't have a round cookie cuter, so I used the top of a cup to cut my cookie dough.  Once the cookies cooled, I used store-bought cookie glaze to make my red and white stripes.  I only needed one pouch of each color for all of  my cookies.  I used black writing gel to make the number one.  What I did not realize, is that unlike the cookie glaze, the writing gel did not dry or harden very well.  Once the cookies were placed in bags, the gel stuck to my bags a little.  If I were to make them again, I would have just used black glaze and cut a very fine tip to make it easier for writing.  Both the gel and the glaze can be found in the in the cake and candy section at Walmart or in craft stores that have cake decorating supplies.
Once the icing on the cookies were dry, I bagged the cookies in individual clear plastic party favor bags I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I think I paid $2 for 50 bags.  I tied the bags with twine and then around the twine I also tied my party favor tags.

I made the tags myself.  In Microsoft Word, I made a circle using shapes and adjusted it to the size I wanted for my tags.  I then added a text box, formatted it to have no lines and placed it over my circle.  Inside my text box I added the clip art.  I found the Thing One and Thing Two image online when I Googled free Dr. Seuss clip art.  I copied and pasted the image inside my text box.  In the text box I wrote, " Today was good, Today was fun.  Thank you, thank you, everyone!" above the image, and I wrote the birthday boys' names below the image using cosmic sans font.  I copied and pasted the finished circles/party tags until I filled a page, and then I printed several pages.  I then cut out my circles and glued them to red construction paper.  Then I cut the out the circles again using scalloped scissors. Lastly, I whole punched each tag, before tying my finished tags to the bags.  I thought these party favor tags were adorable, and they didn't really cost me anything to make!
I placed my bagged cookies inside a tray I already had, along with a message I made to go with the cookies.  The sign was just an image I found when I Googled free Dr. Seuss clip art.  I copied and pasted it to Microsoft Word and adjusted the size.  Then I made a text box with no lines.  Inside the text box, I wrote my message in Cosmic Sans font.  I placed the text box over the sign and printed the finished sign onto card stock.  I then taped the sign onto one of those red and white paper straws that I used in many of my Dr. Seuss projects.  As I mentioned in a previous post.  The package of red and white straws were found at Walmart in the cake and candy decorating sections.
I chose to set the cookies on the drink table where I knew all of my guests would see them.
Before I end this post about my party favors, I wanted to share that Target had a ton of great Dr. Seuss stuff that would have made great kid party favors in their Dollar Deals section around the time of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Dr. Seuss' birthday happened to be around the same time I was planning this party.  I bought two of the tote bags and filled them with Dr. Seuss coloring sheets for kids to color during the party. I printed the color pages on my computer. I just Googled free Dr. Seuss printable coloring sheets and a variety of coloring sheets showed up. 

Inside the bags I also had some Dr. Seuss book marks and Dr. Seuss erasers for the kids to take home.  A pack was only a $1, so I bought two packs of erasers and two packs of bookmarks.

The Dr. Seuss tins were also Target Dollar Deal finds, for $3 each.  I filled them with crayons for the kids to use.  After the party, my birthday boys got to keep the tote bags and the tins.

Also, just a side note - Pin the Cat on the Hat would have been my party game of choice if I had enough kids that were big enough to play party games.  Most of the kids were too small to understand how to play a game, so I didn't bother with party games.
The coloring worked out great, and the bags and tins went great with the party.
As you can see, even some of the big kids enjoyed the coloring;)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Party 6 (Dessert/Cake Table)

This morning I posted this post about the food and snacks we had for our twin boys' Dr. Seuss first birthday party.  This afternoon I want to write a post about the sweet treats we had at the party.  

I wanted the dessert table to be fun, but I also needed the desserts to be easy. And by easy, I mean all of the cakes and cupcakes were boxed cakes.  They are not from scratch.  The only thing from scratch was my cream cheese frosting on the red velvet cupcakes, because I don't think that the store bought stuff can compare.  Not making everything from scratch kept things easy, and not buying everything from a bakery kept things cheap.  Of course, I would have loved a beautiful three tiered cake with fondant and some coordinating cupcakes, but that was not in the budget....unless I could magically become a cake decorator...which I can not.  For this reason, I decided on the following:
  • The chocolate sheet cake had butter cream icing and was the main birthday cake.  To make it look a little fancy, I ordered a custom dehydrated icing sheet from this Etsy shop.  It was only $7.75 and was very easy to place on the top of my iced sheet cake. I was very pleased with this purchase.
  • The cupcakes were red velvet with cream cheese frosting and topped with cotton candy that looked like Thing One and Thing Two hair.  I found the cotton candy at Walmart for $2. I bought a card board cupcake stand at Walmart and taped red polka dot ribbon around it.
  • The smash cakes were vanilla confetti cake with cool whip frosting.  This was my Mama brain thinking, "white cake equals less mess and cool whip equals less sugar."  
  • The oreos were dipped in microwavable white chocolate (found in cake and candy decorating) and topped with sprinkles.
  • The marshmallows were placed on lollipop sticks and dipped in microwaveable milk chocolate (found next to chocolate chips in the baking section of the grocery), and then dipped in red sparkle sprinkles.
  • The pretzels had white chocolate melts (found in cake and candy decorating) placed on them, then were put in the oven at 250 degrees for 3-5 minutes (just until the chocolate melts), and a green sixlet (found in cake and candy decorating) was placed on top of the melted chocolate.
  • The Jello was two boxes of blue raspberry jello.  Once it started to set up, I stuck Swedish fish (found at the Dollar Tree) in the jello.
I made all of the treats the day before the party, since I knew I would not have time the day of the party.  Below you will find my dessert menu, my grocery list and a few tips about what I learned from this experience.  I am not a baker.  I repeat...I AM NOT A BAKER.  I am just a mom, trying to throw a first birthday party for the first time.  Here is what I learned about making the desserts in advance:

  1. All of the chocolate dipped desserts did fine once cooled and stored in zip lock bags over night.
  2. The Swedish fish in the jello got soggy over night.  It would have been best to just top the jello with the fish, since I didn't have time to make the jello the day of the party.
  3. The cool whip that I iced the smash cakes with started to sweat in the fridge, and as a result the cakes looked like they were starting to melt when I served them.
  4. I need a cake cover.  I had to use a foil tent over the sheet cake.  As a result the cake got smashed in some places and the red border started to slide off, making it look a little blemished before serving.
  5. DO NOT PUT THE COTTON CANDY ON TOP OF THE CUPCAKES UNTIL RIGHT BEFORE THE PARTY STARTS!  I put the cotton candy on an hour before the party, and by the time my guests arrived the cotton candy had melted!  Luckily, I got a picture before it completely melted.
The dessert table was an old kitchen table that we store in the basement and bring up for moments like this.  I made most of the decorations.  Below you will find what I made and how I made them.

Happy Birthday Cake
(Chocolate Cake with Butter Creme Icing)
Thing One and Thing Two Cupcakes
(Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cotton Candy Toppers)
Individual Smash Cakes
(Confetti Cake with Cool Whip Icing)
Cat in the Hat Pops
(Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Pops with Sprinkles)
Lorax Vines
(Red Vines)
Dr. Seuss Cookies
(White Chocolate Dipped Oreos with Sprinkles)
Green Eggs and Ham Treats
(Pretzels with a Melted White Chocolate Candy topped with a Green Sixlet)
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
(Blue Raspberry Jello with Swedish Fish)
Bowl of Mints
(Wrapped Peppermints)

Decorations to Make:
Truffula Trees for the Table
Supplies: green and blue tissue paper, red and white paper straws, two red tins, floral wire, floral molds, blue and green paper grass
Directions:  take a stack of tissue paper that has been layered by every other color and fold long ways back and forth like you would a paper fan, then fold in half and secure with floral wire, cut off the ends at an angle so it looks like a triangle, then pull apart and fan out the paper to look like a flower, tape the flower to one end of  two paper straws that have been taped together, secure the other end of the paper straw in a flower mold that has been placed inside the red tin, fill the rest of the tin with the paper grass. 
See here for visual directions.
Table Runner
Supplies: 1 yd patterned fabric, 1 ft burlap, Heat N Bond, hot glue gun
Directions: hem patterned fabric with Heat N Bond, hot glue burlap to the ends of the two hemmed pieces of fabric)
JUST SO YOU KNOW:  I am not a seamstress.  This was my no-sew version of a banner.  Sewing would be just as easy for someone who has a sewing machine and is good with a needle and thread. 
Food Tents/Labels
Supplies: 2 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper, paper cutter, printer, scissors, glue stick 
Directions: using paper cutter, cut scrap book paper into 4x4 pieces, fold pieces in half to make tents; make labels on Microsoft Word using shapes, fill shape color black, use center type in white font, print, cut and glued to paper tents 
We Are One Banner
Supplies: printer, color ink, card stock, construction paper, scissors, scalloped scissors, tape, string
Directions: use some of the banner pieces from the Happy Birthday banner that was ordered from from this Etsy shop, print, cut and a tape triangles to string; then make We Are One in Microsoft word by putting larger letters in a circle, print, cut, glue to construction paper, cut, whole punch and string them to the banner)
Pictures for the Wall
Print a 5x7 of the twins' newborn picture and a 5x7 of their one year picture and tape to scrapbook paper.  Print a 8x10 of their 7 month Halloween picture and frame it using a spare frame from around the house.
Dr. Seuss Quotes for the Wall
Using free clip art, find Dr. Suess quotes and print them for decorations and glue to construction paper

Grocery Store Shopping List:
melting milk chocolate
melting white chocolate
white chocolate candies
green sixlets
two packs of blue raspberry jello
red velvet cake mix
chocolate cake mix
confetti cake mix
2 butter creme frosting
2 creme cheese
powdered sugar
cool whip
lollipop sticks
red and white paper sticks
two small plastic cake platters 
Cup cake stand
ribbon for the cupcake stand

Dollar Store Shopping List:
two small green and blue platters 
plastic cake cutters
blue and green tissue paper
two red metal stands
blue and green paper grass for the stands
red vines
Swedish fish

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 5 (Food/Snack Table)

In continuation of the blog series I have been working on, I want to share more Dr. Seuss fun with you this morning.  Today I want to talk food!  You can't have a party without food, right?  

I chose to keep the food simple for our twin boys' Dr. Seuss first birthday party.  I needed to be able to do most of the food preparation in advance.  The party was on a Sunday afternoon, and we had church Sunday morning.  The meatballs (frozen meatballs and a good brand of BBQ sauce) were able to simmer in a crock pot three hours before the party started.  The deviled eggs (regular deviled eggs with green food coloring), ham roll ups (deli ham and sliced cheddar cheese) and pasta salad (spiral pasta, cucumbers, tomatoes, Italian dressing and Parmesan olives and fresh basil is also good in this dish) were made the day before the party.  The fruits and vegis were cut up the day before. I gave my mom the job of overseeing the pizza pockets (half of a cheese stick and pepperoni or ham wrapped up in a crescent roll).  She started them an hour before the party, so they could be served warm. The rest of the food was easy for me to assemble on the table thirty minutes before people arrived. 

I also made sure to time the party, so it wasn't at lunch or dinner time. The party started at 3:00, so I was able to just have snack food.  While it wasn't a meal, I made sure to have plenty of food to snack on.  I didn't want people to leave hungry.  I also kept in mind that this was a party for one year olds.  I wanted to make sure the menu I came up with was adult friendly but also something my little guys would eat.  To keep things fun, each food item had a Dr. Seuss title.  Below you will find my menu along with the grocery list I used. I was expecting about forty people for the party.  We had about thirty people show up, and there was plenty of food leftover.

I arranged the food on a table that we have in our loft.   I just pushed the table against the wall, put a table runner on the table and hung a birthday banner over the table. Next to the table I had a bundle of balloons I bought from Party City they day before the party. I served the food in dishes that I already had with the exception of the large bowl for the pasta salad and the large platter for the green eggs and ham.  Both of those were Dollar Tree finds. I made the birthday banner, the table runner and the food tents.  Below you will also find instructions on how I did that.

Green Eggs and Ham
(deviled eggs, ham and cheese roll ups)
Wocket in a Pizza Pocket
(pepperoni and cheese crescent rolls with marinara dipping sauce)
Biggle Balls
(BBQ meatballs)
Beezlenut Berries
(strawberries and blueberries)
Poodles N Noodles
(pasta salad)
Truffula Vegi Tray
(vegetable platter with ranch dip)
Cheese and Cracker Stackers
(crackers and assorted cheese)
Pop on Pop Corn Puffs
(cheddar corn puffs)
Stink Stack Stank Sticks
(vegi straws)
Fish in a Dish
(gold fish crackers)

Decorations to Make:
Table Runner
Supplies: 1 yd patterned fabric, 1 ft burlap, Heat N Bond, hot glue gun
Directions: divide patterned fabric in two, hem patterned fabric with Heat N Bond, hot glue burlap in the middle of the two hemmed pieces of fabric) 
JUST SO YOU KNOW:  I am not a seamstress.  This was my no-sew version of a banner.  Sewing would be just as easy for someone who has a sewing machine and is good with a needle and thread. 
Happy Birthday Banner
Supplies: printer, color ink, card stock, scissors, tape, string
Directions: order printable banner PDF file from this etsy shop, print onto card stock, cut and a tape triangles to craft twine)  
JUST SO YOU KNOW: It took a lot of color ink to print the banner.  I would have made my own banner out of scrapbook paper, but I couldn't find Dr. Seuss scrapbook paper.  I specifically wanted the Dr. Seuss banner, and didn't want to pay $30 for one online, which is why I chose to print my own.  I only recommend printing something that uses this much color ink if you are wanting something specific, as color ink is pricey....but not as pricey as buying a Dr. Seuss birthday banner online.  I paid $3.70 for my printable PDF file of the birthday banner, and then used my own ink to print it.
Food Tents/Labels
Supplies: 2 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper, paper cutter, printer, scissors, glue stick 
Directions: using paper cutter, cut scrap book paper into 4x4 pieces, fold pieces in half to make tents; make labels on Microsoft Word using shapes, fill shape color black, use center type in white font, print, cut and glued to paper tents 

Grocery Store Shopping List:
sm. bag baby carrots
bag of broccoli/cauliflower mix
1 green bell pepper
2 cucumbers
 cherry tomatoes
2 bags frozen meatballs
two dozen eggs
3 packs crescent rolls
1 lg pack string cheese
assorted cheese
2 packs pepperoni
ranch dressing
Italian dressing
marinara sauce
2 bottles bbq sauce 
2 boxes spiral tricolor pasta
1 box Ritz crackers
green food coloring

Dollar Store Shopping List:
large platter for green eggs and ham
large plastic bowl for the pasta salad
pack of two plastic scoops
pack of four plastic tongs

Friday, April 24, 2015

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 4 (Look How We've Grown Display)

I knew that I wanted to have a "Look How We've Grown Display" at my twin boys' first birthday party.  I knew that some how I wanted to show how much they've grown in twelve months using pictures and some of their clothing.

I chose to display this on a sort of "clothes line".  I chose some of my favorite outfits of the boys and using clothes pins, I hung the clothing to craft twine or bakers twine.  Fair warning: the clothes were heavy!  I thought I could just tie the twine to command strips, but the weight of the clothes was too much.  I ended up tying the twine to two nails and then adding a nail in the center to help hold the weight.

To display pictures, I ordered a printable PDF file with 24 stickers/labels of baby milestones.  I printed this file on card stock instead of stickers, and then cut the circles out and glued them to each picture.  I ordered these from this Etsy shop for $3.00.  

Once I cut out the labels, I went through my photos and picked out pictures of the boys throughout the year to go with the labels that I ordered.  I printed the photos at Walmart's instant print station.  I glued the printed photos to some scrapbook paper I already had and using tiny clothes pins, I hung them to baker's twine.

And that's how I chose to show how much my little guys have changed in twelve months!  My oh my, how they grow that first year!  There are so many changes that happen in the first year, and I think that's part of what makes that first birthday celebration so special!

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 3 (Welcome Table)

Yesterday, I told you that I was working on a blog series about our twin boys’ Dr. Seuss first birthday party.  I mentioned that I would be sharing where I got things for the party or how I made things for the party.

  With out further ado, this morning I want to share with you how I put together the “welcome table” for the party.  To start with, I didn’t actually use a table. I happened to have a corner shelf in our loft that usually has a floral arrangement on it.  For the party, I put the floral arrangement in a closet and used the corner shelf as our welcome table. 
I used a variety of Dr. Seuss items to decorate the shelf.  We already had the Dr. Seuss stuffed animal.  All of the other Dr. Seuss stuffed animals and small books were given to us by a friend.  She saw my post on Facebook about my theme being Dr. Seuss and graciously gave me a big box of Dr. Seuss items that her little boy had outgrown.  What a blessing that was!  She said she bought all of the stuffed animals from Kohl's. 

I wanted to display the boys' party invitation on the welcome table, so I placed an invitation in Dr. Seuss' lap.  Yesterday, I shared that I ordered the invitations from this Etsy shop.

I also purchased a printable PDF file of the adorable sign for the guest book.  I printed the sign on my home computer and put it in a black frame from the Dollar Tree.

I purchased the printable sign from this Etsy shop for $1.

I used the Happy Birthday To You book by Dr Seuss as the birthday guestbook.  All of the guests wrote birthday messages to the boys on various pages throughout the book.

When I couldn't find this book at my local thrift stores or Half Priced Books, I ordered a gently used copy of the book off of Amazon for $7.
I made the party sign by enlarging arrows on Microsoft Word, typing in Cosmic Sans font inside the arrows and printing the arrows out on construction paper that I bought from the Dollar Tree.

I then glued little Dr. Seuss hats that I printed, using free clip art from the internet.

I taped my arrows to three red and white paper straws that had been taped together.  I bought a pack of paper straws at Walmart in the cake decorating section for $2.

The sign was placed in a red bucket that is used as decoration in the boys' bathroom.  The bucket was filled with crinkle cut paper shred that I bought from the Dollar Tree.

Next to the shelf, I had the boys' art easel displayed with a simple "happy birthday"....
....the "O N E" I displayed, because we used the letters as a photo prop for their one year old pictures (if you look closely you can see that Ethan chewed all over the "O" and tore it up, Ha!) ....

....and also displayed on the easel were personalized picture frames of the boys' individual one year pictures.
As people came up the stairs to the party, I had a simple welcome sign that I made on the computer using free clip art.
At the bottom of the stairs was a balloon purchased from Party City and a Seussville sign pointing in the direction of the the party.
I made the sign on my computer.  The fish bowl was free Dr. Seuss clip art found on line, printed onto card stock and cut out.  The arrow was made just like the arrow sign by the guestbook.

And that pretty much sums up this post.  That's how I chose to put together a "welcome table" for the party.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party for Twins - Part 2 (Decorations)

If you've read my blog this week, you'll know we recently celebrated our twin boys' first birthday.  I spent most of the boys’ birthday month working on their party in my down time.  It was actually a great distraction for me. Rather than sobbing over the fact that my babies were turning one, planning their party made me look forward to celebrating their big day with them.  I mentioned earlier in the post about Planning and Preparing that I worked on a project for the party each day during the boys nap time the few weeks leading up to the party.  Over the next few days, I'll post more details about where I got something or how I made something for the party.  Today I just want to share an overview of the decorations of our in-home Dr. Seuss first birthday party.  Here was my exact list that I kept on my iPad of the decorations I needed to come up with for their party.

  • Welcome Sign
  • This Way To Seusville Sign
  • Party Here Party There Sign
  • I AM ONE picture frames
  • Welcome Table Frame for Birthday Book
  • Dr. Seuss Stuffed Animals for the Welcome Table
  • Dr. Seuss Books to display for the Welcome Table
  • Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss Book as the Guest Book
  • Look How We've Grown Clothes Line (using baby clothes)
  • Here We Grow Picture Display (months 1-12 and important milestones)
  • Two High Chair Banners
  • Birthday Banner to hang above the Food Table
  • Runner for the Food Table
  • Food Tents/Labels
  • Balloons to go by tables
  • We are One Banner to hang above the Dessert Table
  • Frame 6 Month Thing One and Thing Two Halloween Picture to Display
  • Also display newborn and one year photo 
  • Thing One and Thing Two Onesies to hang above Dessert Table
  • Print Dr. Seuss Quotes to hang above Dessert Table
  • Tissue Paper Truffula Trees to Display on Dessert Table
  • Decorate Cupcake Stand
  • Runner for the Dessert Table
  • Print Dr. Seuss Quotes to hang above the Drink Table
  • Tissue Paper Flowers to hang above the Drink Table
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Party Favor Tags
  • Party Favor Sign
  • Photo Booth Area
  • Slide Show to display on the TV of the boys' pictures throughout the year

I know this looks like a big list, but most of the projects were really simple and inexpensive. This wasn't a fancy-shmancy party.  This was a family party thrown by a simple mama who wanted to celebrate her kids' first year of life in a fun way.  Which is why I should also mention that we chose to have the boys' party in our home, and specifically in our upstairs loft area.  The loft is the boys' fun zone.  It's completely baby-proofed and home to all of their toys.  It's also the biggest open space in our home, so it was perfect for having kids run around and play while adults sat back and watched the craziness unfold.  To make sure I had enough room upstairs for 20+ adults and 10+ kids, I chose to: 1) rearrange the furniture in the loft, by putting what I could against the walls, 2) take down some wall decor and hang Dr. Seuss decorations,  3) bring up dining chairs, kitchen chairs and any extra seating I could find throughout the house 4) utilize any kind of table top I could find in the house to create a food table, dessert table, drink table and welcome table.   

I'll end this post by saying that because I choose to be a stay at home mom with my boys, that means that I often choose to keep cost down and do things the “Susie Homemaker” way.  But in all honesty, if I chose to still work and bring home a paycheck, I would have probably bought a lot of my party items instead of making them myself.  For one, my limited time with the boys would be more valuable to me than my time with a hot glue gun.  But also, when I was working, I found that it often cost less for me to work a few extra hours and buy something than it did to make something when I could be working.  That’s just me though.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love to get my craft on, but sometimes it pays off just to buy something because of the amount of time it takes me to make things.  Whether you are someone looking to save a little money or you are someone who just likes to get crafty once in a while, I hope you got a few ideas from this post about decorating for an in-home Dr. Seuss first birthday party!