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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Labeling Glass Canisters

          I’ve been working on organizing my pantry this week, and I’m in the process of making new canisters.  Before I post the new ones, I decided to write a post on the labels I put on the old ones.  This was a really simple idea that helped the canisters pop a little.

            I got these glass canisters at Ikea when I got my first apartment years ago. I didn’t do a lot of baking when I was single.  No need to make a pan of brownies for myself, right? These canisters were a great size for a single gal.  They were inexpensive, so that was a plus.  They also looked nice on my counters without cluttering up the space.  To spruce them up a little, I simply applied some scrapbook stickers to label the canisters.

            Now these canisters have been around for six years and have been through three different house moves.  They’ve held up pretty good considering, but the stickers have started peeling off a little.  I could easily fix the sticker issue, but I do a lot more baking now that I’m married.  I find myself having a lot more flour and sugar to store….especially around the holidays.  It’s just time to face the facts and get larger canisters for my baking needs.  In doing so, I’m repurposing the Ikea canisters for some different baking ingredients.  I used to never have these ingredients on hand, but  they somehow keeping popping up in my pantry;)  The Ikea canisters have become their new home. 

          Stay tuned to my blog this week, because I should be posting my new canisters in the next day or so.  They are all most finished....and have to tell ya that I really, really like them!

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