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Friday, August 31, 2012

My Husband's 30th Birthday

The big 3-0….it’s a big deal for some!  Leaving your twenties is like saying goodbye to your younger years as you officially embark on a real grown up life!  For many, marriage, kids, a career and mortgage are all a part of our thirties.  It’s a good thing really…I don’t know why it seems so scary.

On August 4 of this year my handsome husband began this journey.  Although he tells me that he is still 29.  You see, my husband was adopted from Taiwan.  When he was twenty-five and buying his first home, he discovered that social security had the incorrect year of birth on the official SS document.  For that reason, he likes to think that he still has one more year left before the big 3-0, but let’s face it… mother-in-law would have known when she brought him home if he was a year younger than what he really is.  Sorry hun, but there’s no avoiding it… are 30!

Celebrating 30 can be a lot of fun.  Me, well I want to get away and go to Vegas when I turn 30.  We’ll see if that actually happens.  Pinterest has some great 30th birthday party ideas as well, but my husband is more of simple kind of guy.  A few weeks before his birthday, he sort of hinted that he wanted a surprise party.  Although he would never admit it, that’s the vibe I got from him.  I immediately began making arrangements to have a surprise party for him the week before his 30th birthday.  I wasn’t able to make a cake without him knowing about it, so my mother-in-law graciously picked up a cake for us before they got to our house.  As far as dinner goes, I stuck with a crock pot meal.  He had no idea how much food I was preparing, and it was easily prepared.  It ended up working out really well, because his brother was supposed to be coming up to help with house projects that weekend.  Matt thought he was going to spend the day working.  He had no idea that family was coming up to celebrate with him.  That explains the clothes that he is wearing in this picture.  Now you know what he looks like on a Saturday afternoon when we don’t go anywhere.  At least I got him to shower that morning, because he wasn’t even going to do that!

Matt may have been the reason for the party, but our niece, baby Anna, stole the show.  She was only a few old weeks here and is absolutely precious!

A week later, Matt and I celebrated his actual birthday together.  I told him that I had the entire day planned for him and that he would love it!   Because my husband is a lover of food, particularly Asian food, I planned an entire day around some of his favorite food!

We started our day off at TaiwanTea House.  It’s located on 82nd Street in-between Castleton and Keystone malls.  It was our first time trying this restaurant, and it was awesome!  I found it when researching places to take him for his birthday.  I ordered the family tofu with shrimp, while my husband ordered the general tso's chicken.  The food was really good.  Not at al like what you get from Americanized Chinese restaurants.  It was fresh and authentically Chinese with an American twist, if I can say that.  Each meal comes with the soup of the day and two crab rangoons.  We didn’t know that though, so we ordered a plate of crab rangoons as an appetizer.

I also tried the peach boba tea.  It was very good.  It tastes less like tea and more like a fruit drink.  We’ve been back a couple times since his birthday, and I have found that the coconut boba tea is my favorite.

Boba is little round, gummy like things in the bottom of the drink.  With a large straw they get sucked up with the tea and are chewed like candy.  Very unique to our American ways, but I quite enjoy it.

Ok, enough about our new favorite place to eat.  So after lunch, we did a little birthday shopping….

….and then headed to Shanghai Lil for dessert.

Yes, I said dessert.  Only my husband would enjoy dim sum for dessert.  He said that it wasn’t nearly as god as the dim sum he had in SF, but it’s the best you’re gonna get in Indianapolis.  Shanghai Lil is pricy, and if your trying get filled on a meal, be prepared to spend a lot money.  Because we just ate lunch, we didn’t order very much.  We ordered just enough for a snack….or I guess I should say dessert.

After lunch, shopping and dessert, we stopped and picked up our dinner and dessert for later.  We had a nice birthday nap before eating our dinner at home.  And of course dinner was none other than one of my husband’s favorite meals…..sushi. I had never even tried sushi until we started dating, but I have definitely grown to enjoy it right along with him.

Last meal of the day was birthday cake.  My husband is not big on sweets, but he really does enjoy Gigi’s Cupcakes, especially the lemon poppyseed and strawberry shortcake cupcakes.

Unfortunately, I dropped the box when getting out of the car, so they weren’t too pretty when we got home.

They still tasted great though.  My husband can have his fruity cupcakes, I’d much rather have the chocolate ones.  I ordered the classic red velvet and the white midnight magic.  Best food of the day if I do say so myself!

Overall, I’d say that my husband had a pretty good thirtieth birthday that suited him perfectly!



  1. This seems like a wonderful celebration... I love the photos,,, so wonderful. Great 30th birthday ideas you got there. Thanks for sharing!

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