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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Letters to my baby - Week 5

We are so thankful for this pregnancy!  After sharing our journey through infertilty on the blog, I knew I wanted to log our newfound 40 week journey of pregnancy on the blog as well.  Not knowing if I’ll ever be able to experience pregnancy again, I have chosen to log our pregnancy by writing a weekly letter to our baby.  The letters will keep my readers posted on how we are doing each week, but the letters will also, someday, be something that our little one can go back and read over, as a reminder of how much he or she was loved from the very beginning of their existence. 


I’ve only known about your existence for a week, and yet there are no words to describe how much joy you have already brought into my life! I am beyond thrilled that God has chosen to bless us with you!  You are our miracle; our answer to prayer! 

Daddy prays over you every night and every morning.  It’s so cute to watch him talk to my tummy.  I remind him of your actual size and how you are not really in my tummy yet, but he doesn’t seem to care.  He talks to you like you can understand everything he’s saying, and it’s really quite precious.  He is going to be a great daddy!  He also sings lullabies to you every night, so I apologize in advance if you come into this world tone-deaf;) 

You are still so very tiny!  According to my pregnancy reading, you are only 5 mm.  You already have a tiny heartbeat, and you are in the process of growing your major organs.  You are growing every day, and I am only reminded that even at your size, you are still life!  
It’s amazing how such a tiny thing has already affected my body.  Fortunately, I’ve only been a little sick so far.  The biggest change I have noticed is fatigue.  I have been tired this week!  I feel like I could crash on the couch all day.  I am making an effort to rest, but I also know that doing nothing all day is not good for me.  Lucky for you, you have a determined mama.  I was determined to do all that I could to conceive you, and I am determined to do all that I can to safely bring you into this world.  Tired or not, I’m doing my best to schedule in walks each day as well as some light exercise.  After reading all about a healthy pregnancy diet, your daddy is making sure that I put nothing into my mouth that isn’t healthy for you!  He’s become the food police in our home. This could get a little annoying over the next 35 weeks, but I’m sure we’ll thank him for it later.  In all honesty, pregnancy symptoms have not been too bad so far.  I feel the same way I did when I was on several months of hormone therapy for fertility treatments.  The only difference between then and now is that instead of my body feeling out of sorts to try and get pregnant, my body is feeling out of sorts because I am pregnant.   I’d say you are definitely worth any pregnancy symptom that comes my way!
It’s still very early in the pregnancy, and there is a little part of me that fears we won’t be able to bring you into this world safely.  The doctors have been wonderful and are doing all they can for us.  So far, all of our prayers have been answered above and beyond, and everything is looking to be very good even though it’s still early.  Overall, I have a peace about this pregnancy.  I know that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  However, I am choosing to believe that God will answer our prayer, and we will be able to deliver you full term, safely and without any complications.  I truly believe that and have a peace that all will be well.



  1. Tiredness is always my problem I had to be very careful not to drive much until after 13 weeks because I was afraid I would fall asleep

  2. So sweet! I will love reading these. :)


  3. It's very obvious why your loving your life ! I've seen something here that's touched my heart~ Scriptures on your homepage blog! That's the most truth on your blog, Trust and he will always lead you.I came her to blog about your blog. But that's a very very powerful scripture!

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