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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Parenting Twins - The First Year (Month 3)

Three months old today!  This month they are showing great head and neck control.  They love to sit up and look around.  They smile alot and are beginning to learn how to laugh.  Their baby jabber has also increased this month.

Birth – 5.7 (A) 6 (E)
Home from Hospital– 5 (A) 5.8 (E)
One Month –6.14 (A) 6.12 (E)
Two Months –9.4 (A&E) 
11 Weeks - 10.1 (Aaron)

No major changes in their feedings this month.  They are still taking 3 oz every three hours.  The only change is that they will go anywhere from 5-7 hours at night without waking up to be fed.

They still sleep quite a bit and are getting used to taking an afternoon nap in their cribs, in hopes of making the nightime move from our room to their room a little easier.

We have a pretty solid daily routine.  In the mornings, I feed and change them, and then let them play on the baby gyms while I tidy up and grab myself breakfast.  From there I put them in their bouncy seats and either get a shower or do chores around the house.  We then attempt the swings.  Before I know it, it is time to feed them again.  From there we take a walk around the neighborhood or a car ride if it's raining.  When we get back I grab myself some lunch before watching TV with them on my bed, where they usually crash for a mid day nap.  And then before I know it, it's time to feed again.  And then we go from gym mats to bouncy seats to swings to attempting an afternoon nap in their cribs while I try to make dinner.  Then it's time to feed them again right before Daddy gets home.  After daddy and I eat dinner, we do tummy time and play with them.  We do evening baths before putting them in their bassinets after their night time feed around 8:00.  And that is a day in the life a mom with three month old twins.

The colic is pretty much gone, just as it should be by about three months.

Yes, I said teething.  It's really early, I know.  I even took Aaron to the doctor at 11 weeks incase it was something else, but the doctor confirmed that we have entered the teething stage.  Just when we got through the colic, the teething began.
Mommy and Daddy:
Well, I certainly stay busy and rarely take a moment for myself.  We are still tired and probably will be for the next few years, but overall, our life is getting easier.


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