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Friday, April 8, 2011

Adding Flair To A Boring Lamp Shade

I love the lamps at Hobby Lobby, but I really love this lamp at Hobby Lobby.

          What I don’t love is the price; there’s no way I’m paying $89.99 for this lamp.  Even with a coupon, I just can’t justify spending that much on a lamp.  Since I knew I wasn’t going to purchase the lamp, I used it as my inspiration for adding a little flair to some existing lamps I had in our bedroom.   I purchased inexpensive flower pins/hair clips to dress up two lamps in our master bedroom.   My finished product doesn’t look nearly as whimsical as the Hobby Lobby lamp, but it was a fraction of the price.  
 There's no need for a tutorial for this project.  All I did was take my trusty hot glue gun, and I glued the flowers to the shade.  Super simple, but it gave me the look I was going for.  The atmosphere that I am trying to create in our master bedroom is vintage/whimsical/romantic, and I think the flowers on the shade help create that feeling.  It didn’t cost very much to dress up my already inexpensive $9.99 Wal-Mart lamps, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. 
           If the flowers are a bit too much flair for you, there are all sorts of ways to dress up a lamp shade.  Trims, tassels, ribbons, and fabrics are just a few easy ways to change the look of lamp.  Have you added any flair to a boring shade lately?  If you have, please show me some pics of your creativeness and share your flair! :)




  1. I love the inspiration lamp and the lovely one you made. I think you and I have really similar style. When I saw all of the great buys you posted about the other day, I thought, "Yeah, I would have purchased that....oh! and that's fab. I would totally buy like 5 of those!" haha Have fun decorating your beautiful home! :-) P.S. Have you found the Dear Lillie blog? She has some great stuff and has some stuff I think you might like.

  2. Thanks Anna. I do follow Dear Lillie, and I really enjoy her blog! She has a beautiful style in her creations:)

  3. So Paris chic! You are definitely a lamp lovin gal!

    Take care,