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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Christmas in October

            This morning I was inspired to get my craft on!  I look forward to Christmas in October every year!  My mom was supposed to go with me this year, but something came up and she had to cancel on me…, my husband kindly volunteered to go with me….or shall I say I dragged him along to the event, all the while listening to his subtle complaints about such an event being a waste of time and money.  That was just a minor detail though, because not even he could delude my enthusiasm of this great event!  Christmas in October is a “craft fair” where numerous local vendors display and sell their creations.  You’ll find everything from Christmas and fall décor to jewelry and personalized memorabilia.  There is a $5 admission fee, and most people gladly pay it in hope of finding unique, creative Christmas gifts for their loved ones.  Me….well I have never actually purchased anything from the vendors.  I gladly pay the $5 admission fee, so I can be inspired by all of the wonderful creativity…..and let me tell ya, today I was inspired!   I left the event ready to make some jewelry, sew some bags and get my crocheting needle out once again.  Even though I had several failed attempts at crocheting last year, I couldn’t help but leave feeling so inspired to give it shot again this year.......but.....

 ....... somehow that inspiration wore off after Matt took me out to lunch.  I'm pretty sure the giant burrito loco  that I was only able to consume one third of from El Rodeo had something to do with turning my enthusiasm into lethargy.   Rather than going home and picking up that crocheting needle and yarn, I found myself taking a very long nap and then losing all motivation to do anything profitable the rest of the evening!  Hmmm…maybe the enthusiasm will rekindle after a good night's sleep?  We shall see….yes, we shall see.  I’ll keep you posted on my attempts at creating some inspirational pieces in the next few weeks…or maybe my lack there of.   Until then, good night all J

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