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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Take me out to the ball game......

               Date nights…..we try to have them every week in our house.  I know that this will become more difficult when we have kids, but for now we sort of expect to date each other.  In the summer, it’s easier to plan dates that lead us some place other than dinner and movie, because there is so much more to do in the warmer months.  For example, this week we went to Indianapolis Indian’s game.  I’m not a fan of baseball.  My husband is though, and I do, however, enjoy getting tickets for the lawn, packing our own food and spending the evening outdoors.  That’s exactly what we did for our date this weekend:)

Tickets are only $10 each for the lawn…..

….and when you pack your own food it’s a really cheap date.

Rain wasn’t in the forecast yesterday morning, but we do live in Indiana.  You never know what to expect when it comes to the weather.  Sure enough, as soon as we put our blanket down on the lawn, it started to sprinkle.

By the time we ate our dinner…..

…..the rain clouds moved out just in time for the start of the game…..

…..and that was my cue to pull out my survival bag for the evening.  It was filled with warm blankets, an extra coat and a book to get me through all nine innings.  You see, my husband actually likes baseball, so talking to him nonstop through all nine innings wouldn’t be a very fun date for him.  I learned a long time ago, that if I was going to sit through three hours of watching guys hit a ball with a bat and then run around a big dusty circle, I was going to need a book to get me through it.  My husband always says that I am the only one who brings a book to sporting events, but last night I proved him wrong by pointing out a girl reading a book that was at least five times thicker than my book;)

A book is my must-have for me at a baseball game, but for my husband it’s a bag of this stuff.  You can’t go to a baseball game without popcorn.  My husband eats this Trader Joe’s kettle corn by the bagful.

Overall, it was a really fun date even if I don’t like baseball.  The whole idea of a date is to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company, making this date a success.  Oh, and we were even on the kiss cam during the game.  That was a first for us, making it an even more memorable night;)

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  1. What a great date night! For us, it would have been the opposite: my husband chatting and me shooshing him because I'm watching the game! =) Go Yanks!