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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

DIY Baby's First Christmas Ornament - Painted Hand Print Bulb

It’s the week of Christmas, and the hubs is home from work!  When I told my husband I planned a fun family activity for us this morning that involved baking and paint, he didn’t sound too thrilled, but it turned out to be a lot of fun!

I have been wanting to make the babies Christmas ornaments out of their hands and feet.  Because the twins are so wiggly, I knew I would need a second person to help me, which is why I waited until Matt was home to help with this craft.

The first project turned out….welll…not the greatest!  Let’s just say it looked a lot better on Pinterest!  But as Daddy said, “At least we made memories!”

So Basically, I just painted the babies hands and attempted to make their handprints on a clear glass Christmas bulb.  I painted on their hand with a small sponge paint brush, wrote their names and the year with a paint marker, let it dry and made a bow out of ribbon and hung it on our tree!  

You could use any color paint you like, I just used what I had in the house. You could also fill the bulb with tinsel, glitter or craft snow.

Clean up is easy with baby wipes and a grocery sack for trash nearby, and organization always make for easier projects!  I always like to have everything ready before I begin, including the paint squirted out on a paper plate.

The best part about today’s craft is that I didn’t have to buy anything.  Using extra clear bulbs I already had, and extra Christmas ribbon and acrylic paint from my craft closet, I was able to make this project on the fly!

As you can see, it didn’t go quite as planned….
Aaron was not too thrilled with this project….

And his hand print showed it….

It is sort of sorry looking, isn’t it?  Haha, oh the Christmas memories we will have for years to come!  I really thought about redoing it, but the paint dried fast and Daddy said it was perfect just the way it is!
Ethan did better….

There were no tears from him….

But we still did not get the best print from him either.  The babies just moved way too much to get a good print, but oh well!  This proud Mama is still displaying them on our tree!

A blog post about their DIY foot print ornament coming later this evening!

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