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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIY Little Boy Highchair Banner for First Birthday

If you're like me, you've seen all of those cute highchair banners on Pinterest and Etsy that are used for first birthday celebrations.  I really wanted one....or in my case two....for my twin boys' first birthday, but I didn't want to pay $20-$30 for each banner.  Even if I could afford to buy custom highchair banners, I can't seem to justify spending $40+ for two banners on something that is only going to get used for one day.  
I know I have been sharing Dr. Seuss projects lately, because we did a Dr. Seuss party for the boys.  However, I chose not to make Dr. Seuss highchair banners, because I was nearly over budget for my party and didn't want to buy any supplies for the banner.  I decided I would make my highchair banners using scraps of fabric from leftover projects.  So basically, this project didn't cost  me anything.
To make my banner I used the rest of my leftover fabric from the "TWINS" banner I made for the boys' nursery. I had three different colors of flannel fabric leftover from that project.  I tore my fabric into one inch strips and tied the strips to craft twine. I tied seven strips to each side of my highchair banners, leaving an inch in between strips. To make the banner look more full, simply tie more fabric. 

Once I tied my fabric to the twine, I cut three flags out using the leftover burlap from the table runners I made for the party seen in the above picture.   I cut out the letters "O-N-E" from leftover scrapbook paper and hot glued the letters to the flags.  Lastly, I hot glued the flags to the twine, and wa-lah ~ I had one high chair banner finished and one more to make.
I used clear scotch tape to attach my banners to the front of the high chairs as decorations for the party.  The banners stayed on the high chairs really well until Ethan tore his off during the cake smash. So for part of our cake smash pictures, Ethan's banner is hanging from the high chair, but oh well.  It's not like high chair banners will make or break a first birthday party.  I just think they are a fun decoration, and they really didn't take too much effort to put together:)

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