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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Butterfinger Cake

If you've been reading my blog this week, you know that we went out of town for Matt's birthday.  It was nice to get away, but it was also nice to come home and have a day or two to relax before going back to work on Monday. 

 Since we were out of town, I wasn't able to make Matt a birthday cake until today.  He requested that I make a Butterfinger cake that his sister often makes and brings to family gatherings. 

However, when Matt woke up this morning he was achy and stuffy.  He's spent most the day on the couch watching sports, and I wasn't sure if he'd want birthday cake today since he wasn't feeling good.  When I asked him, he assured me he wasn't too sick for cake.

I made the cake this morning, and as you can see, Matt's already been into it.  Knowing my husband and his appetite, I'd say this cake will be gone by Monday;)

Here's the recipe my sister-in-law gave me for Butterfinger Cake:

Tastes best when made as a double layer cake. Even better when the finished cake refrigerates over night and is served cold. Unfortunately this can't be rushed. DO NOT put Cool Whip on until cake is cool, or the cool whip turns into a funky mess.

1 German chocolate cake mix
(and eggs, water, oil to make it)
Caramel topping (Smuckers squeezable caramel topping works best)
1 small can of condensed milk (may not use entire can)
1 regular size tub of Cool Whip
1-2 Butterfinger bars crushed

Bake the cake according to directions. When the cakes finish, let them cool on a wire rack. Place the first layer on your cake plate, then with the rod end of a plastic stirring spoon, poke several holes in the bottom layer of the cake. Open the condensed milk and slowly pour the milk over the cake, letting some seep into the holes. Then do the same with the caramel. Sprinkle a light layer of Butterfinger crumbles over top. Cover the bottom layer in a layer of Cool Whip.   Gently place the second layer on top and repeat the previous steps to the second layer.  Finish covering the sides with Cool Whip, then drizzle caramel on top of cake.  Finally, finish the entire cake by sprinkling MORE Butterfinger pieces on top.   


  1. YUM!!! Wish we didn't have peanut allergies in our fam :(

  2. Oh yum! I love butterfingers so I'm guessing I'd love the cake.

    I hope your Sunday is full of joy,

  3. This is a totally new, absolutely yummy sounding desert idea!

  4. Hopped from Let's Get Social - now I'm thinking of baking, thanks for sharing.