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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm over winter.......


I’ve never been more ready for spring!  Sunshine and fresh air can do so much for my mood.  It naturally gives me boost of energy and  seems to put a smile on my face; and believe me, I really need that this year.  January and February always seem to be so difficult to get through, because the sun rarely shows itself through the grey, dreary sky.  March comes, and I get a glimmer of hope.  Hope that spring is almost here! Hope that sunshine, green grass and flowers will soon follow. 

The only problem is that the weather can at times be unpredictable.  March hasn’t brought me much hope this year L  I think it may be confusing itself with its two predecessors. 
Instead, March has been somewhat of a tease.  The sun has on occasions peaked from the overcast sky and brought with it warmer temperatures;  however, the peak of sunshine is always short-lived.  It's not long before I am reminded that winter is still my reality  and with it SEVERAL days of grey skies, cold temperatures and even snow.
It’s just depressing really!  I can’t take much more of the grey skies!  I need sunshine….lots of sunshine!  And I’m certainly not fond of snow in March!  I love the white stuff around the holidays, but by this time of year I’m completely over it! 

I'm officially over winter! Sring, please come quickly! If you ask me, it can’t come fast enough!

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