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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Babies' First Trip to the Zoo

We completed another first for the babies this weekend.  They had their first trip to the zoo! 

It was a beautiful day for the zoo this past Saturday.  The weather was perfect!  Plus, the annual ZooBoo is the last few weekends in October, and the zoo is decorated for Halloween. 

A friend of ours works at the zoo and told us that if we ever to take the babies to the zoo sometime, he could get us free tickets.  Now that the twins are seven months old, we decided to take our friend up on his offer. 

At seven months, the twins were indifferent towards the zoo just as we expected them to be.  They had a good time, probably because they like to be outside and got to ride in their carriers for a couple of hours.  Mom and Dad likely had more fun than they did:)

The babies were very aware of the animals that were close up, but as expected for any seven month old, they were not aware of the animals that were farther away and camouflaged.  Their favorite part of the zoo was the aquarium!  

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