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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Babies' First Holiday Season - Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's

It seems like the past five or six weeks are a bit of a blur!  Life feels very busy from the week of Thanksgiving to New Years Day....

It’s starts out the weekend before Thanksgiving when my sisters, who live out of state, come home for their annual holiday visit…..

The Friday before Thanksgiving is usually spent shopping for all that the upcoming week holds…

We usually drive down to my brother’s house to eat dinner with my mom and siblings on Saturday…..

Sunday we go drive down to my Papaw's  house for our annual Thanksgiving meal with him…..

Monday and Tuesday are usually spent cleaning the house and preparing everything for Thanksgiving Day…..

Wednesday is the day my mom and sisters come up to our house for dinner and “noodle making”.  We make my grandmother’s homemade noodles the night before Thanksgiving and prep any other food for our Thanksgiving feast……

Thursday is the big day, which has been hosted in our home the past couple of years….

Friday we have our annual stocking party at my mom’s house.  Since family comes in for Thanksgiving, we celebrate Christmas on my side of the family the day after Thanksgiving…… 

Saturday is the day Matt and I decorate our Christmas tree with the boys and swap out the pumpkins for poinsettias…..

At some point between Friday and Sunday, I make time to hit up any important post Thanksgiving sales that will benefit our Christmas shopping……

The first weekend of December, Matt’s mom came home to have Christmas with his side of the family.  We met for dinner Friday night before going to a hockey game.  The following morning we did a family Christmas brunch at our house.

That same weekend, we had our Christmas pictures scheduled, which were followed by getting our Christmas cards ordered and sent out to family.

This also meant that I spent the previous work week putting together Christmas outfits for the family and making the onesies the babies wore for their photos without Mom and Dad.

The second weekend of December, I had a huge Christmas consignment sale penciled in on my calendar, which is where I finished Christmas shopping for the babies….

We also had to make time to visit Santa one weekend before Christmas….

And of course the boys and I had to go shopping for Daddy’s Christmas gift, and then they had to go shopping with Daddy for my gift…..

And I can’t forget to make a few tactile memories, like the hand and feet ornaments I had the babies make this year….

The week of Christmas there is all sorts of Christmas baking for friends and family….

Christmas Eve we drive to my Papaws in the evening.  The morning is spent making goodies to take to the family gathering….

Christmas Day we stay home and enjoy a lazy morning as a family.  We read the Christmas story before any presents are unwrapped, enjoy a big breakfast, and later on in the day I make a traditional Christmas dinner for our family…..

And a week later, here we are.  It’s New Years Eve, a day spent reflecting about all of the blessing that have been bestowed upon us this year!

Here are a few pictures of our holiday season as a family of four!  What fun it was watching the boys during this time!  Their first Thanksgiving and Christmas was so much fun!

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