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Monday, December 22, 2014

NO-Sew DIY Christmas Onesies - Bow tie and Suspenders

This morning, I shared this post about our family Christmas photos.  Tonight, I want to share how I made the outfits for the babies.  Using a white onesie, I was able to get my craft on and make cute no-sew DIY bow tie and suspender outfits for my little men.  To complete the Christmas outfits for their photo session, I added an infant Santa hat, found at Hobby Lobby for $2.99, and the red and white leg warmers I used in the babies' Thing One and Thing Two Halloween costumes, seen here.

To make my onesies, I used two plain white onesies.  You can find them in packages of three at any department store for $6-7 a pack.  I found gently used ones at a consignment sale for $.50 each.   For the suspenders, I found ribbon at JoAnn Fabric that looked like it had stitching on the edges.  I also bought a pack of buckles from Hobby Lobby.  I always try to get things on sale at Hobby Lobby or use the weekly coupon, which is can now be easily accessed through my Hobby Lobby mobile app.  For tho bow ties, I used a piece of  clearance quilting fabric for a $1 from JoAnn Fabrics.  I bought two different kinds of red fabric, because I wasn't sure which pattern I would like best.  Heat and Bond, an iron and ironing board, and a hot glue gun were also used for this project.

To start, cut four pieces of ribbon to fit each onesie, two short pieces of ribbon and two long pieces of ribbon. Take the shorter ribbon and attach the metal buckles to the ends of the two pieces of ribbon, securing the ribbon around the buckle by using Heat and Bond.

Once the metal buckles are secure, position the two pieces of short ribbon on the onesie and attach it to the onesie using Heat and Bond.

Be sure to leave a little room at the bottom of the short ribbon for the longer ribbon to slide under the buckles.

Using Heat and Bond, attach the longer ribbons to the onesie, and then secure the ends of the shorter ribbons on top of the longer pieces of ribbon.

To make the bow ties, I followed this easy no-sew tutorial.  I hot glued my bow ties to the onesie, since I was only using them in photos.  I think the tutorial said she safety pinned her bow ties to the onesie, since she was only using hers for pictures.  Of course, any part of this outfit could be sewn to make it more secure for washing and wearing multiple times.  If I were to sew this to be worn multiple times, I would probably not put on the buckles.  I know my little guys, and it would be the first thing they would pull off.

Here are the finished outfits being used in the babies' Christmas photo session!  I think they turned out great and are adorable on my little guys!  


All professional photos were taken by KINGFISH Photography and may not be copied or printed without permission.

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