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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

French Lick Resort Review

            This past Tuesday was our three year wedding anniversary.  We always try to celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries with a weekend getaway.  This year, Matt and I drove three hours southwest to the French Lick Resort, in French Lick, Indiana. 

            There is an old-world charm that exists throughout the one hundred and seventy year old resort.  The casino area appears to be newer and has a very cruise-shippy feel to it. Like cruise ships, the resort has everything one could possibly need for a vacation.  A guest at this resort has no reason to leave the hotel to have a good time with amenities such as restraunts, bars, a café, a deli, a pizzeria, an ice cream shop, a bowling ally, an arcade, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, a spa, several gift shops and a casino.  Activities such as horseback riding, carriage rides, walking trails, hiking and biking are also available. 

            Unlike cruise ships, the resort is not all-inclusive, so a week here can easily be more expensive than a cruise ship ticket.  We managed to stay under budget by eating dinner at the deli, going to the ice cream shop for dessert and having breakfast at the buffet.  We spent the majority of our downtime walking around the gardens, window shopping the different shops and enjoying the pool area.  We’re not much for gambling, but when we do go to a casino we put a $20 cap on playing slot machines and view it as entertainment, much like going to a movie or playing arcade games at Dave and Buster's.  Since we wouldn’t spend more than $20 at a movie, we choose not spend more than $20 in a casino.   However, this past weekend, we quit the casino after loosing just $2:) We should have stopped when we were 85 cents ahead, but we got greedy and lost the whole two  To be honest, the smoke in the casino was more than I could take.   I felt like I needed a shower after being around it for just five minutes.  

         Overall, we really enjoyed our stay and had a good time getting away for the weekend.  Here are a few pictures of our stay at the French Lick Resort.....

Upon entering the resort.....

....I felt as if I was being taken back in time.

This was my view as I was waiting in the hotel lobby for my husband to check us in.

 The old-world charm was everywhere, and I greatly appreciated the detail that went into maintaining that feeling throughout the resort.

 The bed was very comfortable.  I slept like a baby.  We stayed in a basic room with a basic bath.....

....but again, the old-world charm was still felt in this space.

The weather was very nice for our stay....

....and the grounds were beautiful.

Matt losing our $2.

Ice cream time:)

We enjoyed the pool facilities during our stay.


.....and some morning reading on the porch completed our stay.

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