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Sunday, March 18, 2012

More TP Art

 Yesterday, I mentioned that we have been working on our guestroom.  I also mentioned how frugal and creative I've been trying to be in this space.  And that's where yesterday's post,Toilet Paper Tubes Turned  into Art, came in.  Today, I want to share with you more toilet paper art:) 

I am often inspired by other people's creations, but I rarely ever like other people's creations so much that I make the exact same creation....that is until now. 

Several months ago I saw this post from Just a Girl, and I knew I had to create the same piece of art for the guestroom.  In general, toilet paper art is pretty genious, but Just A Girl took it to a new level of genious.  Her peice was simple but beautiful, and I loved it!  The only thing I did different on mine was add a ribbon.  I also used fewer flowers, because my board was a little smaller than hers.  Overall, I'd say it looks really good in the guestroom, especially considering what it's made of;)
Because I had leftover paint, hot glue and ribbon from previous projects, the only thing I had to buy for this project was the foam board.  Since I found my foam board at the Dollar Tree, this project cost me a grand total of $1.  Here's how to turn toilet paper tubes into art......

Cut each tube into six pieces.

Using hot glue, glue the ends of two pieces and pinch them together like this…..

….until you have glued four pieces together to form a flower like this.

Spray paint each individual flowers using a primer or a paint that will stick to all surfaces, even plastic.  For some reason, basic $1 spray paint didn’t stick to the tubes, so I had to buy  $5 primer.

Once the flowers dry, hot glue them to a foam board.  I found my board at the Dollar Tree, but most stores will have them for less than $5.

Next, tie a ribbon and hot glue the ends of the ribbon to the back of the board.... it hangs like this.  One small nail is all you need to hang this light piece of art.

Not too bad for $1 art, huh? I think it looks pretty good in the guestroom.  The best part is that when we are ready to turn the guestroom into a nursery or a kid's room, I won't feel too bad getting rid of the guestroom decor, because I barely spent any money on it:)

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