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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIY No-Sew Chevron Curtains

I knew I wanted navy chevron curtains in the nursery to coordinate with the crib bedding.  I decided to use a valance instead of panels, because in my mind I could see two rambunctious little boys pulling panels down from the wall.  I also chose a flat valance, because I liked the look of the crisp clean lines of a flat valance.

Using the same fabric I used to make the crib skirts, I made an easy no-sew crib valance.  With my 40% off coupon, I purchased one yard of navy chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby priced $7.99 a yard. 
To figure out the width of fabric I needed for the curtain, I measured the width of my window, added three inches to each side so the curtain was a little longer than my window, plus one more inch to each side for a one inch hem.
To figure out the length of fabric I needed for the curtain, I decided I wanted my valances to be the standard fifteen inches. I multiplied fifteen by two (for the front and back of the curtain), and added three inches for the slip hole, plus one more inch for the hem.
Once I had my fabric cut, I ironed a one inch hem to the length of the fabric and using Heat and Bond, I “no-sewed” a hem.
I then did another hem on one of my widths.
Then I took the other width of fabric and folded it over three inches to create my slip hole for the curtain rod. I applied the Heat and Bond to the width of the fabric, as I made sure to leave a three inch gap for the rod.
Lastly, I folded the width of the fabric that already had a hem line and brought the hem up to the bottom of the slip hole on the back of the curtain. Using Heat and Bond, I “no-sewed”it into place.

So essentially, I just hemmed three sides of fabric, folded the top unhemmed side back to make a slip hole, and then folded the bottom hemmed side up to meet the bottom of the slip hole. I chose to do this, so that the front and back looked finished. If I were looking from the outside of the house into the nursery window, I wanted the curtain to look just as good from the outside as it does from the inside.
And that’s pretty much it. Total cost for the curtain was less than $5I wish I would have taken pictures as I made them. Hopefully this post makes them sound easy to make, because this was not a difficult project. Honestly, if you can measure, cut and iron, you can make a no-sew valance in no time.

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  1. What beautiful curtains, I love the bold pattern. My mother-in-law made me a set of curtains with beautiful fabric. To keep them looking their best you can get them professionally cleaned. This is what I do around once a year. It is so much easier than trying to clean them yourself. Will you be making any more?

    Monique Fletcher @ Safeclean Hillingdon