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Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Nursery Banner

Banners are all the rage as kid’s décor these days.  They are often used in parties, photo props or as room décor.  They are also incredibly easy to make.

Supplies needed for this project:  twine, ¼ yard of navy chevron flannel fabric, ¼  yard of  green dotted flannel fabric, ¼ of a yard of green chevron flannel, iron on letters, an iron, scissors, a piece of paper, a pencil or marker, a straight edge ruler, a hot glue gun
To begin, I made my triangles out of three different patterned flannel materials.  I purchased my material from JoAnn Fabric when it was on sale for 50% off.  I chose flannel, because I could cut it without having frayed edges.  I didn’t want to have to hem my triangles.  Felt is also a good material for this project.  You can buy felt by the sheet in the craft section, making it really inexpensive.  Burlap is also a good material that wouldn’t require sewing.  I chose the flannel, because I wanted the pattern and colors for our nursery.  I purchased ¼ a yard of each fabric, so the material only cost me a few bucks.  Obviously, I have plenty of material left over, because the triangles are small.  I may make a few small pillows in the future.  You could also just buy the sheets of felt material
To make sure each triangle was the exact same, I made a pattern from a piece of paper.  I just used a straight edge ruler to make a perfect triangle and cut the triangle out as my pattern.   Then on the back side of the felt, I traced all of my triangles. Then I cut my triangles out using a good pair of sewing scissors.  I made sure to cut about an inch above each triangle, leaving excess fabric to fold onto the twine. 

Once my triangles were cut, I ironed on my letters.  I bought my iron on letters from Hobby Lobby, using a 50% off coupon from the weekly ad.  I spent $3 on my letters.
Lastly, I folded the top of each triangle over a piece of twine and hot glued it into place.  

And that’s pretty much it.  I hung my banner underneath a chalkboard that we used as a photo prop in a maternity session.  I think the banner and chalkboard gives the room character, and I am pleased with how it looks.


  1. That is just adorable! Your twins are just so blessed to have such an artistic parents! Kudos on your work of art! -Patrick Tan