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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DIY Garden Labels from Wooden Paint Sticks

Yesterday, I shared my husband's and my experience about putting together a backyard garden for then first time in our lives! 

Today, I want to share the super simple and super cheap labels I made for the vegetable garden!  Oh, and super fast!  Seriously, I completed this project from start to finish while my twin toddlers were eating their lunch!

Supplies needed:
Wooden paint sticks (one per vegetable)
paint (I used green paint from my craft drawer)
paint brush (I used a foam brush from my craft drawer)
fine point paint marker (I used balck)

Note: I went to Walmart and asked to buy wooden paint sticks.  They don't sell them, but they were happy to give me a few paint sticks for free!  

Paint one side of the wooden stick and let dry.  Once dry, turn over and paint the other side.

Once paint is completely dry, label the sticks with a paint marker.  Let the paint dry, turn over, and label the other side.

Once everything is dry, you'll have DIY labels for garden!  Both the green paint and the paint from the marker dried really fast, making this project very time-friendly.

Stick the labels in your garden and enjoy!

One of the concerns I had about these labels was the paint possibly coming off and getting into the garden.  I've had the labels for two weeks now, and we've had a lot of rain.  No paint has come off so far!  My other concern is fading of the labels from the sun.  We'll see how that goes this summer.  I'll be sure to update the post in a few months:)

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