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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Baby Registry - What Do You Really Need?

I remember being overwhelmed when we went to register for our twins.  The stores will give you a baby registry check list, but I didn't know exactly what I needed....or how much I needed...or what I only needed a little of ....or what I couldn't get enough of....

You get where I'm going with this?

My husband actually helped me with this blog post, as we are sitting in bed and talking about what we wish we would have done differently with our baby registry.  Our list doesn't have equipment on it.  I wrote this blog post a few days ago about baby equipment for twins.  Check it out if your are wondering what you need to buy or what you will need to buy two of.

Tonight's post is more about the general items on a baby registry that an average baby shower attendee is likely to purchase.  Because let's face it, most people are not going to buy you that $100 piece of equipment.  Most people are either going to give you a gift card - which I think is great, by the way - or they are gonna spend $20-$30 on an outfit and baby supplies.  

So if you're pregnant and wondering what should you register for, well this one's for you!

What you can't get enough of....

Most babies pretty much live in sleepers the first several months of their lives!  We could never get enough sleepers!  And if you are registering for sleepers, try to register for the ones with the zippers instead of the snaps.  You'll thank yourself for that decision when you are trying to change a sleeping baby's diaper in the middle of the night!  Also be sure to register for sleepers in several different sizes.

Bibs, bibs and more bibs!  I went through so many bibs each day!  I had my bib drawer organized with stacks of bibs in the following categories: nice bibs that matched outfits, yucky bibs with stains for feeding baby food, every day bibs for puke and snot, bibs with plastic backing for excessive drool during teething months.....and of course you are going to want a few of the Tommy Tippee Catch All bibs for easy wipe down when you start feeding table foods!  

Burp Cloths:
I went through burp cloths like crazy.  One of my boys was a projectile puker....nough said!  And even now, we still use our burp cloths as snot rags when my boys have constant runny noses from teething!  Using too many tissues makes their nose raw.

You can never get enough diapers! Register for all sizes, and I recommend Pampers Swaddlers to avoid leaks.  That's what most hospitals use on newborn babies.

Baby Wipes:
Pretty much the same as diapers!  You can never have enough!

Baby Bath Wash:
You might be tempted to register for the same amount of bath wash as shampoo and lotion....but don't.  You will go through way more bath wash than shampoo.  And get a variety of bath wash.  We really like using the kind with vicks in it for when the boys are congested.  

Gas Drops: 
If your babies are like ours, you can never have enough of this stuff!  Our boys had some real tummy issues the first few months!

What you don't need that much of....

Super Cute Outfits:
I know....I hate to say it...but it's true!  Of course, you want  a few cute outfits for all of the pictures you will be taking, but most of the time your baby is going to be in a comfy sleeper.  They will probably only wear the cute stuff once or twice!

Newborn sized clothes:
They grow so fast! You will want to make sure you register for all different sized clothes!

Baby Shampoo:
It doesn't take much shampoo to wash a babies head.  It will take months to get through one bottle, so you don't need to register for too many bottles.  

Baby Powder:
One bottle last awhile

Baby Towels:
I must have registered for a lot of these, because we probably have twenty hooded towels.  I do baby laundry every 2-3 days, so I really don't need twenty towels.

What you may forget to register for....

Sleep Sacks:
Sleep Sacks are safer than blankets at night.  We used the swaddle ones the first few months.  Once the boys started rolling over, we used the kind that didn't swaddle.  We used Sleep sacks instead of blankets until the boys could pull themselves up and stand in their crib. 

Infant Hats/Caps:
We kept hats on our boys when they slept for the first few months.  

Infant Tylenol and Ibuprofen:
As much as you might not want to use Tylenol, you'll be surprised how fast you go through it when your little ones are screaming from teething or ear infections.

Baby Orajel:
Get both the day time and the night time Orajel.  You'll eventually thank yourself for having some the night time Orajel on hand.

Baby Saline Drops:
You can't do much for a baby's cold except for use saline drops and a vaporizer.  We went through a lot of saline drops during the first year.

A good thermometer:
A good thermometer is around $40, so you'll want to register for one instead of  buying one later.

Between teething and winter, our boys spent many nights congested!  We had to go out and buy a vaporizer, and we used it all of the time last winter!

This served a dual purpose as our noise machine at night!

Baby Food Making Supplies
Only if you plan on making your own  baby food....see my baby food making post here.

Breastfeeding Supplies
Only if you plan on breastfeeding.....see my breastfeeding post here.

Sippy Cups/Toddler bowls and spoons
You'll be using them before you know it.

Diaper Rash Cream
Butt Paste, A+D ointment, Desitin....and the list goes on.  We used them all.  We never really dealt with bad rashes, but we were glad to have a variety of creams to choose from when we were dealing with red bottoms.

Shoes are expensive, especially when you are buying for two babies!  I wish I would have thought to register for shoes in all different sizes....specifically the bigger sizes.  You may be tempted to only register for the cute new born know, the kind you will get very little use out of because your baby is wearing footed sleepers all day!  What I wish I would have done is register for some bigger sized shoes!

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