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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Easy Feet Print DIY Father's Day Gift from Young Twins

This week I've shared of few of the recipes I made for our Father's Day celebration last month.  It seems only fitting to share the DIY gift I had the boys make their Daddy for Father's Day.

I had a thoughtful gift picked out for my husband in no time, thanks to good ol' Pinterest.  I saw this little DIY gift on several pin boards, and it looked easy enough to duplicate. 

To start with, I got on the computer and typed out the message in the font and colors I liked, making sure to leave enough space for my twin toddlers' feet prints.

Next, I printed my creation on a piece of card stock.

Then, I painted one of my sons' feet (one foot at a time, and having baby wipes at arm's length for easy clean up) and pressed the panted feet on the paper, creating a heart shape.  I soon realized the first babies' feet were bigger than the second babies' feet.  To avoid overlapping of colors, I used a different color of paint for the second babies' feet prints.

Lastly, I let the paint dry and placed and framed our creation in an inexpensive frame from Walmart. 

My husband loved the gift, and he keeps it on his night stand!

The twins may not have understood it was Father's Day, but they understood that they love their dad and he loves them!

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