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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Celebrating Two Years of Marriage Bliss

My husband did a great job planning our anniversary weekend.  He did a great job, because he thought about the things I enjoy, and he planned a weekend based on that thoughtfulness.  Here are some of the highlights from my weekend.

We started our day out at Findlay Market.

It is a lot like Indy's City Market, but it is open all day every day.
In general, I find Cincinnati to be less clean in comparison to Indy.  The location of the market gave me the same feeling, but overall I liked this market better than Indy's. 

There's nothing like bringing a little bit of freshness into the city.

I love the atmosphere of a city market, and Matt knows that.  It was very thoughtful of him to take me here. 

Around the perimeter of the building is where one would find the fresh produce, plants and crafts.  Inside the building is all of the fresh meat, sea food, dairy, bread and pastries. 

This freshly made Belgian waffle with whip cream and strawberries was soooo yummy!!!  I love the market!

This is me enjoying my waffle and coffee.

Matt decided to get fresh sushi instead of a waffle.  They were supposed to make the sushi tempura style, but it ended up looking and tasting like pancake covered sushi.  We wouldn't reccommend the sushi, but Matt said that is what happens when you have Americans make your sushi:)

After the market, we went to the heart of city, Fountain Square.

Right on the square is this fabulous Italian bistro, Via Vite.

Me enjoying my lunch at Via Vite.

I ordered the CLT, a.k.a the crab salad sandwich.
Matt ordered the open faced caprese panini.

After lunch we headed to IKEA.

I found some fabulous buys at Ikea, and I will have to blog about them in a later post.

Our last stop was the main event.  This is where we spent our wedding night two years ago, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this enchanting bed and breakfast.

This is not a place to stay if you are trying to save money.  The nightly rates are somewhat high, but it is worth every penny if your intent is to splurge a little for a special occassion.

This is the name of the room that we stay in when we come here.  We booked this room four months ago as this room is booked often.

It is not a huge room, but it is a beautiful room with a beautiful view of the gardens, a cozy fireplace and a relaxing jaccuzi tub.  This picture does not do the room justice. 

Piano music and appetizers are from 6-7.

This is Matt eating his fancy appetizers while listening to the piano in the great room.

When we went back to our room for the evening, chocolate covered strawberries were waiting for us with a personalized card wishing us a happy anniversary.  The bed was turned down for us, chocolate was on the pillow, the fireplace was going, and candles were lit all over the room. This inn knows how to do the details.  Everything from the candle lit drive and porch to the blankets on the porch swing do not go unnoticed by me.   I definitely notice and appreciate the details.

The inn will make dinner reservations for you, but we decided to eat in and order a pizza.  Classy huh?  I love how the inn gave us fancy plates and napkins for our oh so very casual pizza.  By the way, the pizza was nasty and we would not reccommend it.  The only downfall to going to an inn in Batesville is that there is nothing in Batesville, not even a Papa Johns.  Fortunately, the inn has snacks for the guest.  There are always sodas, juices, coffee, chips, crackers and fresh pastries down stairs for the guests to enjoy.

I realized that we were officially past the newly wed phase when we were eating pizza and watching basketball in our upscale suite.

Breakfast was beautiful and delicious.

Me enjoying my morning coffee.

Creme brulee French toast with scrambled eggs and sausage on the side ~ YUM!  I couldn't ask for anything more.  I had a great anniversary.  Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking the time to plan a memorable weekend!


  1. Rachel, what a fun weekend! Eric is actually from Cincinnati so we go there quite a bit. We were actually there this weekend too. It looks like you had fun! P.S. I agree. Cincy is dirtier than Indy. :-)

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