In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~ Proverbs 3:6

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30....Really???

When I was at Target this morning I was kind of in a Christmas shopping mood, but there wasn’t any Christmas décor to be found.  I really shouldn’t be thinking Christmas when Easter is just around the corner, but I couldn’t help myself when it felt and looked like the first week of December!  
We had a few great weeks of warm spring-like weather in the Indianapolis area, but the seasons don’t always time themselves with the calendar.  I’ve checked the calendar, and today is definitely March 30.  April is almost here, but you wouldn’t know it by looking outside.  You wouldn’t know it because it’s snowing.... and it’s snowing hard where I’m at; it’s even sticking a little!  One word…Ugh!!!  I wish it was warm and sunny and a little more spring-like right now.
Oh well, there’s not a thing I can do about the weather, so today I will accept the snow, curl up on the couch with my dog and cat, and take a much needed nap before I go to church this evening.  Although I have a million things that I could do with the rest of my afternoon, I’ve been sick for over a week, and a nap trumps everything else on today's to-do-list.   I haven’t been sick enough to stay home from work and be in bed everyday, but I’ve been just sick enough to be exhausted everyday.   It’s been an achy body, stuffy head, runny nose, sore throat kind of sick.  It’s not been fun, and this weather probably has something to do with it. 
Well, this post is coming to an end, because I have an Einstein asiago bagel and a cup of coffee waiting for me.  Soooo not a healthy lunch…..but it is somewhat warm and comforting on this wintry spring day.  So good bye for now dear blog readers.  I wish you all a happy spring…. even though it feels like I should be wishing you a Merry Christmas. 


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