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Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY Dollar Store Autumn Candle Holders

         One the great things about having a blog, is keeping up with all of the other blogs that I follow.  I love being inspired by other bloggers and feeding off of their creativity.  Once in awhile, I see something that another blogger has created and I say to myself, “I love that, and I have to try to make that!”  This is one of those times, folks. 
            The other day I came across a post entitled, “Dollar Store Version of the WS Glass Hurricane” over at 320 Sycamore where two look-alike $80 WS Hurricanes were created for only $3 a piece by shopping at the local Dollar Store.  You can go here for her tutorial.   I loved her version so much that I went to my local Dollar Store and got the supplies to make one for my entry table. The only thing that I did different was my adhesive choice.  Epoxy glue is usually my choice of adhesive when working with glass, so I used that instead of hot glue.   Here are the results of my $3 project.


  1. Very nice and kinda funny that I just helped a friend make something similar (not quite as nice though, wish we had seen this first).

  2. What a great idea of inexpensive Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  3. I've did this and they turn out so cute! Love yours with the leaves in it!