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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Framed Art

Today I want to share with you an inexpensive and easy DIY project that I did when I had my first apartment.  Pictures frames do not always have to hold pictures.  Sometimes inexpensive frames can easily accessorize a space on the cheap.

Years ago, I found a box of frames (10 frames for $8) on clearance at Kirkland’s.  I used several of the frames in my first apartment to display Scripture as artwork in my home.  I simply used scrapbooking paper and my computer to create the artwork.

Using three pieces of scrapbook paper, I made a background for my words.  Then, I printed my words and Scripture verses on transparent paper.  Next, I aligned the transparent paper with the scrapbooking paper and framed my artwork.  It was that easy.  Five years later, I still use these framed verses in our new home.

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