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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

October Baby Review

October Baby Poster

            While most people are excited to see the blockbuster hit Hunger Games,  the film October Baby was on my must-see list this past weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read the Hunger Games trilogy and am anxious to see the movie.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the trilogy in a future blog post, but today I want to share my thoughts about a different film that is playing in a theatre near you.

            October Baby is an inspiring film that portrays the value of every life.  In a day and age when a woman’s voice is heard far louder than the voice of an unborn child…..that’s right I said child, not fetus….a film such as October Baby sends the message that every life is beautiful.

            In the film, a young teenage girl finds out that she was adopted from a failed abortion.  The movie does an excellent job portraying the emotions of the aborted child who lived, the birth mother who attempted the abortion, the nurse who performed the abortion and the adopted parents who wanted the child.  The overall message of the film is one of forgiveness rather than condemnation.  Go see the film, remind yourself of the beauty of life and be sure to have tissues on hand......this film is definitely a tear jerker.

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