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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Five Minute No-Sew Napkin Pillows

One of my most popular posts was “No-Sew Pillow Cases - Made from Napkins”.  In that post, I shared with you a way to inexpensively and creatively make pillow cases by using cloth napkins, no-sew adhesive, a zipper and a pillow form.  You can find that post here.  Today, I am going to show you how to make no-sew napkins pillows that are even easier to make than the previous post.

The benefit of the previous tutorial was that pillow cases can be changed throughout the year.  In today’s post, I am not making pillowcases.  Today I am just sharing pillows that coordinate with the bedding on our guestroom bed.  To start this project, I bought two pillow forms from my local craft store (half off with a coupon of course) and four Waverly napkins from Burlington Coat Factory for $1 each. 

Now for the fast and simple part.…..I took two napkins, and using hot glue.....yes, I said hot glue, I attached three of the four sides of two napkins together.  Then I inserted the pillow form and sealed the fourth side with more hot glue.  I followed those same steps again, and within five minutes I had two pillows.

I know that some of you are saying to yourself….hot glue….really?  To be honest, this isn’t exactly a new idea.  I’ve seen several bloggers use hot glue on fabric.  I’ve seen some make curtains with hot glue, and I have even used  hot glue for my no-sew felt flower pillows seen here and here.  The truth is that for a project like this, ie: a project that will get little use and is pretty much just for looks, hot glue is a great inexpensive, durable and super-easy option:)

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