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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Turning 30.....

It’s happened.  I’m thirty.  My twenties are officially over.  I always thought that I would dread this day, yet somehow I really don’t seem to care now that it's here.  I woke up this morning, and it felt like any other day.  I took a look in the mirror, and I looked the exact same as I did one day ago when I was twenty-nine.    If I had a check list for the past decade, I would say I have checked off most of the important things that I wanted to accomplish in my twenties - graduated college, used my degree, fell in love, got married, bought our home, fixed up our home and now we are in the beginning stages of growing a family.  My twenties were a time of figuring out where my life was going to go and enjoying the process of getting there.  As I enter my thirties,  I feel like I've found where I'm supposed to be, and now I get to spend the next decade enjoying this new part of life's journey.

So overall, turning thirty hasn't been so bad.  I’ve never been one for making a big deal out of my birthday, as in I never really remember wanting parties or celebrating with a lot of people on my birthday when I was growing up.  My husband knows me well enough to know that I would dislike a party for my birthday, especially a suprise party. Since I’ve been with him, we have always celebrated my birthday with just the two of us.  If he has had to work on my birthday, he has arranged for me to have some relaxing quiet time throughout the day before coming home and spending time with me.  If he has not had to work on my birthday, we have taken the time to get away for a few days and celebrate.  That’s what I would have really wanted for my 30th birthday…..a weekend getaway.  Unfortunately, travel is not really an option for me this year.  In years past, we had talked about going to Vegas for my 30th, and then maybe renting car for a day to see the Grand Canyon.  Now that we are having babies, I think it’s safe to say that Vegas is not in any of my foreseeable future birthdays.  Long gone are the days of packing a suitcase and taking off for a few days.  For the next few years, I’m sure my birthdays will be spent being woken up by snotty nosed kids wanting hugs and kisses from their mama.  I’m just fine with that being in my future.  We’ve had a good five years to ourselves.  Change is soon coming, and change is a good thing.

So if I didn’t spend my 30th birthday living it up in Vegas, how did I spend it you ask?  Well, I had a very simple day, and sometimes keeping it simple is what's best.  My day started out with breakfast in bed, made my sweetheart. 

I took the day off of work, and Matt chose to work from home today.  I had a pretty lazy morning that involved going out to get my hair done, so he could have some quiet time in the house to get his work done.  When I got home we went out for a lunch date at one of our favorite local pizza places. 

Afterwards, he needed to finish up some work, so he sent me out for coffee and a birthday pedicure.

We were considering catching a movie when I got home, but I opted for a nap instead.  I didn't really feel like going out tonight.  He took care of things, and we spent the evening in.  He made dinner, picked up a red box and picked GiGi's cupcakes for dessert.  It wasn’t a weekend in Vegas, but it was pretty perfect day really. 

And as far as my birthday gift goes, we decided to invest in a nice camera now that we have a family on the way.  I'm looking forward to teaching myself how to use it, as I try to capture the next decade of our lives through the lens of this birthday gift.

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I had first seen your blog before that, and happened on it again recently, and was thrilled for you. I have twins that are 4 1/2, identical girls, and it is an absolute blessing from God, even though at times it's quite the adventure! Never boring, and if it's quiet, you have to go see what they are in to, very curious! I am looking forward to the birth of your precious babies, and praying for 36 weeks!