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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maternity Pictures - Twin Pregnancy

It recently occurred to me that I have yet to post our maternity pictures on my blog, so here they are…..


We had our pictures taken by KINGFISH Photography.  They did a wonderful job!  We are blessed to know them personally and to have had them photograph our pregnancy.  From our first trimester announcement, to our second trimester gender reveal and now our third trimester maternity session, we are very pleased with their work.  I highly recommend them if you are in the Indianapolis area.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more details.

When researching when to take maternity pictures, most of the things that I read said that 30 weeks was a good time to have pictures scheduled.  You want to make sure that you have enough of a baby bump for pictures, but are not too big and uncomfortable. 

For a twin pregnancy, I read that you definitely wanted to take them before 30 weeks, simply because you are too big and miserable after that point.  We had ours taken around 28 weeks, mainly because I wanted a winter session in the snow, and we needed to take advantage of the weather.  Truthfully, by 28 weeks I was already pretty uncomfortable, and it wouldn’t have hurt to have had them taken a little earlier. 

I wasn’t 100% sure that I wanted maternity pictures taken, just because…..well, let’s face it….I’m having twins, and I’m HUGE!  I'm only 5' 2" with a short torso, so while some women might carry their pregnancy weight beautifully, I find that I only have so much room in my belly for these babies to go.  Plus I have had really bad edema for much of my pregnancy, so my swelling and water-retention were also in the back of my mind when deciding about maternity pictures.  Believe it or not, these pictures were taken nearly six weeks ago, so my belly is even bigger now than it was in these pictures. Hard to believe what two growing babies can do to a woman's body! 

While my husband and other people around me might say that my baby bump is beautiful, we as women are always most critical of ourselves....that's just the way it is.  So yeah, I was self-conscious about capturing all of my baby weight on camera, at a point in my pregnancy when I was already measuring close to a singleton pregnancy that was full-term.
However, I have logged my entire pregnancy on my blog, Facebook and Instagram.  I’ve tried to capture as much of this journey through the eyes of a camera lens as possible, so it just made sense to suck it up, keep it real and have a maternity session.

For the record, I’m really glad that we did it.  I might not love the way I look at the moment, but the memories that these pictures will bring back to us in the years to come are far more important to me than the size of my belly. 
Here are a few of my favorites from our maternity session.....



  1. I love that double trouble message, Rachel. Haha! Amidst your hesitation, I’m really glad that you pursued with the photo shoot. It’s, indeed, more important to have these pictures to remind you of your pregnancy. I’m sure your twins will be amazed when they see these pictures. I hope you’ll continue taking good care of yourself. Don’t forget your doctor’s advice, alright? Thanks for the share! :)

    Adam Heller

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