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Monday, March 2, 2015

Mama Turns 31.....

I went into Blogger today to put up an eleven month post about the babies, and I realized that I started this post the night of my birthday and never finished it….actually I forgot all about it.

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago.  Does that tell you how hard it has been for me to keep up with this blog lately?

The struggle is real folks…the struggle is real.

I’m not sure if my lack of blogging….or doing much of anything other than being cooped up in this house…. is because it is winter.  I lack motivation in the winter.  Always have. 

Or maybe it is because the babies take up a lot of my time and energy?  It is true that they suck the life out of me each and every day, but  I don’t know if that is a valid excuse or not.  If I really wanted to sit down and write, I could make time for it.  After all, on a good day they nap at the same time, giving me some time to myself;)  And they go to bed a couple of hours before I do, so the babies can not be to blame for this one.

I write this to say, that I really do want to get back into the swing of things.  I really do want to take the time for myself to sit and write, and share my life through words and pictures.  Here’s to hoping the arrival of spring brings a new motivation in me and this blog! 

Actually, here’s to hoping the arrival of spring brings me motivation, in general…not just the blog!  I’m craving warmer weather, sunshine, windows open, birds chirping, green grass, flowers blooming, leaves budding, and walks outside!  Come quickly spring!  I need you!

Anyway, back to the actual title of this post….Mama’s turning 31….

Yes, I did indeed celebrate my thirty-first birthday with my three favorite fellas this past month.  There was nothing super-fancy planned.  I just wanted be with my husband and kids and spend the day enjoying some of my favorite things. 

Originally, Matt was going to take a half day off of work and meet me and the boys for lunch.  Then we were going to go shopping and just spend the day out and about as a family.

Plans soon changed when our week got interrupted with some sort of stomach bug.  Aaron started the week with it and kindly shared it with his brother, who finally started feeling better by the weekend.  Plus, it was downright cold on my birthday this year.  I’m talking ridiculously cold….like sub zero temps and -25 degrees with windchills.  It was just too cold to drag my babies out, even if they weren’t sick.

So we stayed in this year.  Daddy brought us home some lunch.  Then when the boys went down for a nap, he sent me out to pick me up a few of my favorite things….a cup of Starbucks coffee, Gigi’s cupcakes, and a Papa Murphey’s Mediterranean lite pizza for dinner.

It was a really simple birthday this year, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  As I put the boys down to bed on the night of my birthday, I was reminded how I was so miserably pregnant on my thirtieth birthday and still had a month to go before delivery.  I measured eight weeks ahead my entire pregnancy, so I celebrated my thirtieth birthday looking and feeling forty-one weeks pregnant. 

And then of course, I was also reminded how I spent my twenty-ninth birthday recovering from an IUI.  An IUI that we would soon learn would not bring a pregnancy for us.  There would be much heartache in those upcoming days.  My oh my, how I wish I could have told my twenty-nine year old self that in just two short years, I would be planning a birthday party for my one year old sons!   

As each year comes and goes, my birthday celebrations change with the changes of my life.  This year, turning thirty-one was simple, but beautiful:)

Thank you God for another year to live life!  May I spend this next year enjoying this phase of life you have placed me....a mother to two young little boys.

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