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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Parenting Twins - The First Year (Month Ten)

I’m playing catch this week with monthly blog updates for my little guys.  I got month eleven posted last night, so now it is time to get month ten posted. 

Month ten would have been from late December to late January.  I pretty much lived at the doctor’s office that month.  I know I was at the doctor weekly, if not more than once a week, depending on which baby was sick.  We had our nine month well-check at almost ten months.  Both babies had sinus infections that month.  Ethan had an ear infection, and Aaron had what appeared to be a mild case of eczema.  And of course, no one had anything at the same time.  So yes, we saw our pediatrician a lot that month.

Sickness just comes with winter.  Snow and frigid-cold weather, combined with sickness, kept us cooped up for most of January.  YUCK!  We want spring!

During the tenth month, the babies really picked up the pace with eating solid foods.  Their favorite meal is breakfast.  They devour it every morning – strawberries, scrambled eggs and homemade pancakes made from applesauce, oatmeal and egg whites.  They also love to eat avocado spread on toast for lunch.  Bananas and yogurt are also a favorite of theirs.  And they of course love their puffs and other toddler snacks.

Daddy taught the boys how to give high fives this month.  They also pull themselves up on everything.  They crawl faster than we can catch them.  They love to stand and are slowly figuring out how to walk with their push toys.  We are constantly babyproofing new surroundings for them.  The “baby jail” (aka the eight sided play yard) has been extended and is used as blocking off half of the loft for them.

They have definitely regressed with sleep this month.  Both are night waking regularly.  My doctor said sleep regression is normal at this age.  They also no longer just go to sleep when we put them in their crib with a bottle.  Instead they want to stand in their cribs and play, even though they are exhausted.  We have resorted to rocking them at night, just to get them to go to sleep quickly. 

They are certainly growing!  Part of me is excited to watch them turn into little toddlers, and then part of me wants them to slow down and be babies forever.  I can’t keep them little forever though.  I just plan on loving on them for as long as they let me:)

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